The Anglish Moot
Portugalish Ledewealth
República Portuguesa
255px-Flag of Portugal.svg.png
A Portuguesa (The Portugalish)
(and Biggest Stead)
Revetung Portugalish, Mirandish
Inwonername Portugalish

- Foresitter
- Gathering
- Firstthane
Kernelish Half-Foresitterly
Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues

António Costa
Reving Body Gathering of the Ledewealth
- Groundlaying
- Agengroundlaying
- Selfstanding
- Kingdom
- Acknowledging
- Highfatherly
- Brought Back
- Ledewealth
- Folkshipping
- Nowen Forfastening

24 Erelith 1128
26 Afterlith 1139
5 Winterfulth 1143
23 Merrimonth 1179

1 Yulemonth 1640
5 Winterfulth 1910
25 Eastermonth 1974
25 Eastermonth 1976
Landswathe 35,603 miles²
- In full
- Huddlemete
Full Homeland Output
- In full
- By fellow
2017 guessing:
$211.696 thrisand
Yield € (Euro) (EUR)

Portugal (Portugalish: Portugal, Mirandish: Pertual) (or Warmford in Greater Anglish) is a land in western Europe. The revetown and biggest town is Lisbon, the folk tally is over 11 micklered. The two rick-aknowledged tungs are Portugish and Mirandish. spoken by a few in some northeastern townlings.


Olden and Middle eld[]

In the olden-eld Portugal was settled by Iberish and Gaulish folk; it was later overcome by the Roman Anweald, which named the land Lusitania (after the Lusitanish folk who lived there). "Portugal" comes from "Portus Cale", a Romish town now called O Porto. As the Romish Rick began losing its sway over the Iberian Headland, two High Dutch folk settled there: the Goths, and the Swabish in Galishland.

A wending went underway when the Moorish folks overcame most of Iberland in 711. The Dutch kingdoms were left in the north. The andbrilding (Reconquista) of Portugal was fulfilled in 1249. Galish heratower Vímara Peres overcame Portus Cale in 868, ording the Portugish Shire, which frothered under Leonish, Asturish and Galish swey and selfshood. Middle Portugal was edwon in 871, as the Shire of Coimbra, which was later lost to the Moors, but which was soon won back.

In 1139 the moors struck Portugal in what became known as the Struggle of Ourique. Although outscored, the Portugish, under leader Afonso Henriques were winners and soon after forthspellt Portugal's selfhood, making himself king. Afonso and his offsprings drove the Moors out of Portugal, in 1249 the kingdom reached the sea, having its mires nearly what they are today.

Eld of Finding[]

In the Infinding Eld Portugal became the mightiest land in the world. Under king Henry the Seafarer, their sailors and pathfinders built many trading towns in the shore of Africa and ilands, such as Ceuta, Wood Iland, Goshawks Iland, Gambia (named after Portugish word for trade cambio), Green Headland (Cabo Verde in Portugish), Cameroon (named after camarão, Portugish word for shrimp, which they found on the Wouri Flood).

They also were key to the Evelandish settling in eastern Eastland. Seafarers Vasco da Gama and Afonso de Albuquerque sailed to the east, building and overcoming many Indish towns, such as Goa, Daman and Dii, where some folk still speak Portugish today. Elsewhere, they also had towns in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon), Timor (Portugish is a rick-aknowledged tung in the nowa land of East Timor), Japan (the town of Nagasaki was a key harbour for trading with the Portugish), Socotra and Taiwan.

The biggest Portugish landhold was Rudwood, found by seafarer Pedro Álvares Cabral in 1500. In 1580 king Henry the First died without children, and Portugal banded with Spain, in what became called the Iberish Band. This was one of the first breaks to Portugal's flack as first world ethel. They won back selfhood in 1640. In 1755 Portugal was struck by a thretchful earthquake, which wrecked its revetown Lisbon, and is the deadliest ever in Europe (11th deadliest in the world). No more than 7 years later, Spain overran Portugal in the Seven Years War.

New Eld[]

In 1807 Napoleon Bonaparte was nighing Portugal, and the wreathful kinline ran away to Brazil, eft-naming their kingdom the Banded Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarves, Rio de Janeiro being its headtown. The king went back to Portugal in 1821, to quell the Freedomly Uprising, leaving his son Pedro in reving. As he seeked to go back the next year, his son and the Brazilish athels matheled Brazil selfhood.

Having lost its biggest settling, Portugal seeked to edgather some wield in the 1884 Berlin Moot. They kept Andwest, Mozambique, West Claysilver and the ilands of Green-Headland and Holy Thomas and Firsthead, and a tiny stronghold in the shore of Dahomey (now Newdawn), along with their Indlandish settlings (the few which were left), Macau in China and Timor. They sought also to have bits of Rhodes land, which would bind Angola and Mozambique. But the British, who wanted to build an ironroad from their northern settlings to South Africa threatened them with the British Last-warning.


King Charles the first, while in whose kingdom Portugal owned to geldlessness twice, and his son were murdered. The new king Emmanuel 2 lasted two years, until Portugal was made a ledewealth after the 1910 Uprising. Portugal did little in the First World War (there were small clashes with Theechland in Angola).

António de Oliveira Salazar was the tharlreve from 1933, being unsided in the Following World War, to 1974, when the Nailbloom Uprising happened. Another outcome of the uprising was that most Portugish settlings became selfredding.

Portugal was a beginning belonger of the North Atlantic Truce Fellowship in 1949. Portugal banded with the European Band in 1986. The last Portugish settling (not heeding Wood Iland and Goshawks Iland, which are said to be a bit of Portugal), Macau, was yield to China in 1999.

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