Flag of Prag
Ethel Checkland
Revetung Checkish
Inwonername Prager
- Boroughreeve

Adriana Krnáčová
Settled 6th yearhundred
Landswathe 192 miles²
Befolking 1.280.508

Prag (Checkish: Praha, Mean EnglishPrague,) is the headstead and biggest stead in the Checkland, the 14th biggest stead in the Evelandish Fay and also the shedly headstead of Bohemland. Laid down in the north-west of the ethel on the Wildeau Stream, the stead is home to about 1.4 micklered folk, while its bigger townish belt is guessed to have a befolking of 2.2 micklered. The stead has a mild loftlay, with warm summers and chilly winters.

Prag has been a mootish, couthly and trading midst of middle Eveland through with a really rich yore. Settled throughout the Romish and blooming by the GottishAgenbirth and Baroque world, Prag was the headstead of the kingdom of Bohemland and the main home of sundry Holy Romish Highcasers, most namely of Charles IV (r. 1346–1378). It was an outstanding stead to the Habsborough Kingship and its Eastricker-Ungerish Rike. The stead played overling playwork in the Bohemish and Gainsayer Straightening, the Thirty Years' Wye and in 20th-yearhundred yore as the headstead of Checkerslovakland, throughout both World Wyes and the after-wye Folkwieldly time.

Prag is home to a rime of well-known drawings, many of which outlived the foul play and undoing of 20th-yearhundred Eveland. Main drawings inhold the Prag Burgh, the Carl Bridge, Old Town Tey with the Prag starlooking clock, the Jewish FourthPetra hill and Heighstead. Since 1992, the sweeping sheedly midst of Prag has been inholded in the UNESCO list of World Birthright Ords.

The stead has more than ten overling loresteads, along with many playhalls, hallways, filmhouses and other sheedly shows. An broad newfangled open ferrying layout binds the stead. Also, it is home to a wide stretch of open and hushed learnhalls, inholding Carl Lorestead in Prag, the oldest lorestead in Middle Eveland.

Prag is branded as a "B+" worldwide stead by GaWC swots and rowed sixth in the Triphelper world list of best stopping in 2016. Its rich yore makes it a folkly sightseer stop and as of 2014, the stead gets more than 6.4 micklered worldwide guests yearly. Prag is the fifth most beseeked Evelandish stead after London, Paris, Mickleyard and Rome.

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