Puyo Puyo (Greater Anglish: Soft Soft) is a Japanish film game lineup made by SEGA. In these games, you bind blobs to make chains, striking the foe with blobs that are harder to take out. Also teaming up with the Tetris lineup to create Puyo Puyo Tetris (Greater Anglish: Soft Soft Fourblox).


The lineup has hoads, mainly in a set of 24. Each set of hoads comes from a different mealwidth; the Hexworld, Finetown, Lily Valley, or Greenwood. The hoads of Hexworld are generally strongee than those of other mealwidths.


  • Highfire Hope: The main protagonist.
  • Shoulderland Pollock: A shoulderland pollock with the arms and legs of a man. He dances often.
  • Boneset-L: A living boneset rarely seen without his leafwos.
  • Witch: Due to being a witch, she cannot change her name until she finishes her training.
  • Goodness "Kinghawk" Ricefield: A winged girl. She sings badly, but thinks her singing is good.
  • Linda Horseheart - A half-lindworm woman who is interested in martial arts. She doesn't have much luck.

Lily ValleyEdit

  • Aquernbear: A scientist who makes potions. True to his name, he is part aquern and part bear.
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