Quall VI and I
King of Scotland
Þurs., 24 Hay GÆ 1567-Sun., 27 Mire GÆ 1625
(N.K.: Þurs., 3 Weed GÆ 1567-Sun., Eaſt GÆ 1625)
Wreathing Tuesday, 29 Haymonth GÆ 1567
(N.K.: Tuesday, 8 Weedmonth GÆ 1567)
Forerunner Muir I
Afterrunner Churl I
Byredes Abhlaidhach Failbheartach, Earl of Moray (GÆ 1567-1570)
Matthew Failbheartach, Earl of Levon (GÆ 1570-1571)
Iain Erskine, Earl of Mar (GÆ 1571-1572)
Quall Douglas, Earl of Morton (GÆ 1572-1581)
King of England and Ireland
Þurs., 24 Mire GÆ 1603-Sun., 27 Mire GÆ 1625
(N.K.: Þurs., 3 Eaſt GÆ 1603-Sun., 6 Eaſt GÆ 1625)
Wreathing Monday, 25 Haymonth GÆ 1603
(N.K.: Monday, 4 Weedmonth GÆ 1603)
Forerunner Elsave I
Afterrunner Churl I
Wightly insight
Birth Wednesday, 19 Solmonth GÆ 1566
(N.K.: 29 Solmonth)
Edinburgh Stronghold, Stead of Edinburgh, Kingdom of Scotland
Death Sunday, 27 Miremonth GÆ 1625
(N.K.: 6 Eaſtermonth)
Tiwbalds House, Hertfordſhire, Kingdom of England
Begraving Lyeday, 7 Merrymonth GÆ 1625
(N.K.: 17 Merrymonth)
Weſtloneſted Faðerſted, Burgh of Weſtloneſted, Kingdom of England
Spouse Anne of Denmark (w. GÆ 1589; died GÆ 1619)
Offspring Hamrich Atheling, First of Wales
Elizabeth, Queen of Buhomen
Churl I of England
Raibeart Failbheartach, Hertow of Kintyre and Lorne
Mary Stuart
Sophie Stuart (GÆ 1606)
Full name Scots Gelish: Abhlaidhach Gèarallaidh Failbheartach
Greater Angliſh: Quall Churl Stuart
Welſh: Aballwg Gwârellog Gwaliwerth
Corniſh: Aballwg Guârellog Gualiwerth
Iriſh Gelish: Abhlaidhach Géarallaidh Failbheartach
House Stuart
Faðer Caoimhrìgh Failbheartach, Lord Darnley
Moðer Muir, Queen of Scots
Affastneſs Eretowiſhneſs

For ðe Mean Angliſh ſunder, ſee James VI and I.

Quall VI and I (Quall Churl Stuart; 19 Solmonth GÆ 1566-27 Miremonth GÆ 1625) was King of Scotland as Quall VI from 24 Solmonth GÆ 1567 and King of England and Ireland as Quall I from ðe foroning of ðe Scottiſh and Engliſh wreaths on 24 Miremonth GÆ 1603 until his death in GÆ 1625. Ðe kingdoms of Scotland and England were individual uttoverreding ricks, with ðeir own wittingmoots, lawſets and laws, ðough both were reded by Quall in wightly foroning.

Quall was ðe ſon of Mary, Queen of Scots and a great-great-youngſon of Hamrich VII and VI, King of England and Lord of Ireland, and ðus an acumend afterrunner to all three highſeats.

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English: King Quall VI and I
Scots: Keeng Quall VI an I

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