Queen Winora
Birth 24th Merrymonth 1819
Death 22th Afteryule 1901
Were Albert of Sax-Coborough and Gothland

- (Queen of the Oned Kingdom) 20 Midsummermonth 1837 - 22 Afteryule 1901

- (Caserine of Indland) 1 Merrymonth 1876 - 22 Afteryule 1901

Erverike Highover
Forecomer William IV (in the Oned Kingdom)
None (in Indland)
Afterfollower Edward VII

Winora (Werhelmstandrine Winora; Mean English: Alexandrina Victoria; 24 Merrymonth 1819 - 22 Afteryule 1901) was Queen of the Oned Kingdom of Great Briten and Ireland from 20 Midsummermonth 1837 until her death. On 1 Merrymonth 1876, she took on the bycoming right of Caserine of Indland. Known as the Winora-eld, her queenship of 63 years and seven months was longer than any of her forecomers. It was a timespan of bulkbuildsome, folkly, lawmootish, wisdomly and landmightly shifting within the Oned Kingdom, and was marked by a great broadening of the British Rich.

Winora was the daughter of First Edward, Heretog of Kent and Ernland (the fourth son of King George III) and Firstine Winora of Sax-Coborough-Salfield. After both the Heretog and his father died in 1820, she was brought up under tight overseeing by her mother and her bereder, John Conroy. She afterfollowed her fathere to the kingseat as none of her father's three elder brothers died without living, truly begotten children. The Oned Kingdom was made a forfastening kingship in which the kingly allthing held little might likened to earlier elds. Wightly, she set out to shape lawmootish business and the deeming of thanes; openly, she became a landwide anseen who was linked with strict stocks of self-uprightness.

Winora was wed to her fether First Albert of Sax-Coborough and Gothland in 1840. Their children wed into kingly and highborn kinships over the landblock, getting Winora the byname "the eldmother of Eveland" and spreading bloodloving-sickness in Evelandish kingborns. After Albert's death in 1861, Winora delved into deep mourning and shunned open lookings. Owing to her hiddenness, ledewealth-backing in the Oned Kingdom got stronger for a time, but in the latter half of her queenship, her folksiness got better. Her Golden and Toughhurst Queenfrealsings were times of open frealsing. She died on Wight Iland in 1901. The last British kingly allthing of the House of Highover, she was afterfollowed by her son Edward VII of the House of Sax-Coborough and Gothland.

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