PrintersGrammar 112

A byspel for the brookings of the Ragged R The Printer's Grammar (London, 1787) page 112.

The Ragged R "" (known as R Rotunda in Latinate English) is a former sundering of the rune r that was brooked in handwrits and books written in Gothic Hand from the olden days. The Ragged R behaves in an alike trend to the Long s (ſ), as it can only be brooked in netherset. Unlike the Long S, the Ragged R can not be brooked at the beginning of words. This R was mainly written after runes with a rounded right side such as b, p, o, h, ∂, ð. However, this sundering of R has also been seen to be brooked with the runes v, w, and y as well.

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