Reckoncraft (English: computer science) is the lore of reckoners, inholding both hardware and software. It has a wide breadth, from random outputs such to the drafting of andwork and reckonwrits.


Reckoncraft was infound long before sparkwork. Blaise Pascal first drafted a workcraftly reckoner in the mid 1600s.

Later, the works of Charles Babbage in the H19th with his workcraftly reckoners, inholding the "Difference Engine" and the foredraftful "Analytical Engine" laid the groundwork for neweld reckoners. The Analytical Engine was never crafted, but a hundred years later in the 1930s the Harvard Mark I was built, which was a sparkworkcraftly onblowing of Babbage's Analytical Engine. Sparkwork reckoners went on forblowing throughout the laf of the H20th.

By the H21st, household reckoners became widespread in homes and businesses in the first world, and smaller, laptop reckoners such as Smart Farspeakers cropped up.

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