adiaphora Middle Things
absolution Forgiveness
administer Atthane; Give
apologetics Wordwary-Lore
apostle errander, fro-sent (Richard Taverner), sendling (<NHG 'Sendling')
baptism forwashing, fulwaying, christening
bishop Overseer
catechize Teach
communion Fellowship
concupiscence Lust

bekenness (of belief), acknowledging (of sin)

disciple follower, loreling, loreknight, learner
Divine Service Folkswork (Liturgy- "People's Work);

God's Thane, Goddisthane (<NHG 'Gottesdienst')

doctrine/dogma Godlore, Godteaching
ecumenism Broadening
eschatology endlore, lastlore, endtimeslore, endtidelore
eucharist Hallow-Sending; Sending,

thankmeal, Holy Supper, Lord's Supper, Lord's Board

ex nihilo

out of nothing, from naught

faith lief, belief, trust
grace gift, giveness
hamartology sinlore
impute reckon
incarnate Enfleshment, Embodiment,

in the flesh, made flesh, infleshed

justification rightwisness, rightening, rightness, rightedness
liturgy Folkswork,

leedwork (calque of Gk 'leitourgia'), workship

mercy arm, milts, kindness
mission errand, task, sending, sentness
nihilism naughtdom (the denial of a basis of morality)
original sin birthbane (c.f. William Tyndale's 'birth poison'), ervensin (<NGH 'erbsünde')
pastor shepherd, herder
piety awefastness
presbyter Elder
propitiation atoning bloot, armstock (c.f. Richard Taverner's 'mercystock')
repent forthink
revival edlivening, edquickening
sacraments holiworks, hallowings
sacrifice bloot
salvation Freeing,

health, hale

sanctification hallowing, making holy, being made holy
scripture writ, writings
seminary godlorehall, godlorehouse
Trinity Threeness
paradisiacal nerxnawongly (<OE neorxnawanglic)
parallel alongside
Essence Pith; Stuff
Hypostasis Under-standen; Pithsomeness; Thing
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