Meanwealth of Rich Harbour
Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico (Spanish)
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Mean English)
Rich Harbour
"Joannes est nomen ejus"
"John is his name"
Ethel Oned Rikes
Headstead Holy John
Revetung Spanish, Mean English
Inwonername Rich Harbourer
- Highthane
- Dweller-Reeve
Wanda Vázquez Garced 
Jenniffer González
Landswathe 9,104 fourside-thousandtals
- In full
- Huddlemete

Rich Harbour (Spanish and Mean English: Puerto Rico), reevely the Meanwealth of Rich Harbour (SpanishEstado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico, word-for-word "Free Linked-Up Rike of Rich Harbour"; Mean English: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico), is an unmelded landdeal of the Oned Rikes found in the northeast Carib Sea, about 1000 miles southeast of Sweetwater, Bloomland.

An itune among the Greater Fore-Ilands, found between the Dominickish Ledewealth and the O.R. Maiden Ilands, Rich Harbour includes the namely iland and sundry smaller ilands. The revetown and biggest stead is Holy John. The landdeal's full befolking is about 3.4 micklered. Spanish and Mean English are the revetungs of the besteering limb of the lawmoot, though Spanish overweighs.

At first befolkered by the inborn Taino folk, Rich Harbour was settled by Spain after Christoffer Columb got to the iland in 1493. It was bickered over by the French, Netherlandish, and British, but lingered as a Spanish belonging for the next four yearhundreds. The iland's folkloric outlines were shaped by the uprooting and inblending of the inborn befolking, the made-inwandering of Highsun thralls, and settlement from the Houndey Ilands and Vandalsland. In the Spanish Rich, Rich Harbour played a twoful but wyecrafty deedwork against wealthier rikelings like Peru or New Spain. Spain's far-flung rikely grip lasted up to the end of the 19th Yearhundred, yielding a marked mixed-Spanish folkship that fastened inborn, Evelandish and Highsunlandish bits. 

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