The Ripuarish Franks (also spelled Riparish) were an underkindred of the Teutonish Franks. "Ripuarish" is believed to stem from the Romish word rīpa, meaning "stream bank". This name should therefore betoken the stead of their settling in the Rhineland, whereas the Salish Franks were northerner; that is only in the wise that they lived along the shore, in what is today Belgland and the Netherlands.

The headtown of the Ripuarish Franks at the time of Clovis I of the Salish was Koln. Two of their kings are written down: Sigebert the Lame and his son Chloderic, both of whom were overcame by Clovis about 508, when he took over their folk and bound them with the Frankish folk.&nbsp

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