488px-Goddard and Rocket

Robert Goddard, the father of newfangled rocketry, with the first flowstuff-burning rock, which he built.

A Rockwright, or Rockloreman, is a maker of rocks and their ilk. The works of the Rockwright can be brooked as both weapons and heavencraft.

The craft of the rockwright began in China of the Song Kingline, when fire-arrows were uptooled with blastingdust to make a frightful weapon. The rock came to the knowledge of the British in the late eighteenth century, when iron-husked rocks were brooked against the British landfyrd in a war with Tipu Sultan of the Indian folkdom of Mysore. Under the name of "Congreve Rocket" they soon had gained a stead in the British Weaponmight, where they were brooked against the Americans at the Hild of Stronghold McHenry in 1814.

Until the twentieth hundredyear, all rocks were hardstuff-burning, and were too fickle to be anything but a weapon or a funshow. Robert Goddard of New England built the world's first flowstuff-burning rock in the year 1926. While he tried to find a stead for his work in the American Weaponmight, they were slow to take up the rock.

During World War Two, Teutonland's greatest rockwright was Wernher von Braun, who built the flowstuff-burning V-2 for the blitzing of London and other Ethel-Landish towns. The V-2 was also the first man-made thing to fly above the Earth's loftsea into the empty heavens. After the war, von Braun was taken by the Americans, for whom he built the Freyr-Five, which carried the first men to fare to the Moon.

Nowadays, rockwrights are at the hire of many reveships and businessbands throughout the world. Among these are America's Thedish Loftfaring and Heavens Overseership (TLHA), Russia's Roskosmos, the China Thedish Heavens Overseership, the European Heavenworks, and the businessbands SpaceX, Banded Takeoff Tieship, Blue Spring, Maiden Starswirls, and Sporlore Band.

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