The Broad-Church, otherwise known as the Romish Broad-Church, is the greatest Christish church in Christendom, with more than 1.29 thrisand followers. As one of the eldest worshipful bodies in the world, it has been weighty in the yore and ripening of Western Folkhood. Headed by the Runner of Rome, known as the Holy Father, the church's teachings are drawn together in the Nicenish Troth (English: Nicene Creed). Its leading body, the Holy See, is in the Vaticish Town, within Rome.

The Broad-Church teaches that it is the One, Holy, All-wordly and Wordbearerly (Apostolic) church orded by Jesus Christ in his Great Deedworking, that its runners are the afollowing learners of Christ's wordbearers, and that the Holy Father is the afollower of Holy Peter, to whom firstness was given by Jesus Christ. It holds that it beworks the foremost Christish lief, holding undwildness (infallibility), handed down through the holy trend. The Latish Church, the Eastern Broad-Churches, and bodies such as monkish brotherhoods show manifold godloreish mindsets in the Church.

Of its seven Holy Oaths, the Bodily Thanksgiving (Eucharist) is the main one, beworked in the Gathering (Mass). The Church teaches that through hallowing by a bedesman, the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ. Mother Mary is loved in the Broad-Church as Mother of God and Queen of Heaven, worthied in teachings and beads. Its teaching inholds hallowing through belief and spreading of the Gospel and Broad-Churchly fellowly teaching, which lays weight on help for the sick, the arm and the amanssed through the soulful and bodily works of milts. The Broad-Church is the broadest unsteered yielder of book-learning and health care in the world.

The Broad-Church has shaped Western wisdom, kithship, lore and listcraft. The Broad-Church shared gathertang with the Eastern Mainstream Church (Orthodox) until the East-West Split in 1054, infighting dealing mostly with the stewardship of the Holy Father, as well as with the Easterly Mainstream (Oriental Orthodox) churches before the Chalcedonish Split in 451 over unlikenesses in Christlore. Broad-Church followers live all over the world through deed-working, umbspreading and lief-wending. Since the H20th, most live in the southern worldhalf forof faithlessness in Eveland and ailing in the Middle East. Since the late H20th, the Broad-Church has been chided for its teachings on breeding and lovemaking, its spurning to make women bedemen, and its dealing of swiving and mishandlings.

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