The Rondings (in Teutonland: Reudigni) were one of the Nerthus-worshipping Theedish folks told of by Tacitus in Theedland.

Schütte (English) hints that the name should be read Rendingi or Randingi and then the name would be the same as the Rondings of Widsith. They have otherwise been lost to yore, but they may have lived in Denmark before the coming of the Danes written down by Jordanes. Schütte hints that their name lives on in the name Randers and Randsfjord, Denmark.

After the Langobardi come the Reudigni, Auiones, Angli, Varni, Eudoses, Suarines and Nuithones all well warded by eas and wolds. There is nothing standing-out about any of these folks, unless it be the shared worship of Nerthus, that is Earth Mother. They believe she is asksome in men's deeds and drives among them. On an iland in the great sea there is a holy grove wherein bides a holy wain hidden by a cloth. (Theedland by Tacitus)
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