Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks
Birth 4th Mudmonth 1913

Southdowns, Oned Rikes

Death 24th Winterfulth 2005

Lakemark, Oned Rikes

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks (Greater Anglish: Lovebloom Loudwyine Cauleyson Parrocks) was an Americkish upholder in the Folkrights Shift, best known for her berth in the Gomerysbarrow Folkwain Unbuying. The Oned Rikes Allthingers Mootband has bynamed her "the First Lady of Folkrights" and "the Mother of the Freedom Shift." 

On 1st Yulemonth 1955, in Gomerysbarrow, Southdowns, Parks spurned folkwain driver James F. Blake's behest to give up her seat in the "hued" block to a white faregoer, after the whites-only block was filled. Parks was not the first man to stand up to folkwain asunderhood, but the Landwide Fellowship for the Forwarding of Hued Folk (LFFHF) thought she was the best hopeful for seeing through a lawful undertaking after her halt for folksoverhearness in breaching Southdown asunderhood laws. Parks's rank in the nearbly folkship and her willingness to become a gainwending anseen inblew the black fellowship to unbuy the Gomerysbarrow folkwains for over a year, the first great outright-deed drive of the Afterwye Folkrights Shift. Her deeming was bogged down in the rike-deemhouses, but the bound-lawmoot Gomerysbarrow folkwain deeming was won in Fogmonth 1956. 

Parks's act of spurning and the Gomerysbarrow Folkwain Unbuying became weighty marks of the shift. She became a worldwide anseen of standing up to kind-asundering. She plotted and worked with folksrights leaders, inholding Edgar Nixon, foresitter of the nearby limb of the LFFHF; and Martin Luther King the Younger, a new bedeman in Gomerysbarrow who got landwide weightiness in the Folksright Shift and went on to win the Nobel Worthmark for Frith.  

At the time, Parks was reeve of the Gomerysbarrow limb of the LFFHF. She had lately gone to the Highlander Folk Lorehall, a Thamesland mid for towing upholders for workers' rights and kinfairness. She played as if she was a selfstanding borougher "tired of giving in." Although widely deemworthed in her later years, she also tholed for her spurning; she was sacked from her work as an outfitter in a nearby bedealing shop, and got threats of death for years on afterwards.  

Shortly after the Unbuying, she set off to Strait, Lakemark, where she briefly found likewise work. From 1965 to 1988 she was helper and welcomer to John Conyers, a Highsun-Americkish OR Spokesman. She was also deedy in the Black Might shift and the backing up of lawmootish inmates in the OR. 

After withdrawing from work, Parks wrote her self-lifetale and went on standing her ground that the fight for fairhood was not ended and there was more work to be done. In her last years she tholed from forgettingness. Parks got landwide acknowledgement, including the LFFHF's 1979 Worthmark, the Foresitterly Worthmark of Freedom, the Allthing Mootband's Gold Worthmark, and an afterdeath standbilth in the Oned Rikes Revetown's Landship Standbilth Hall. Upon her death in 2005 she was the first woman to lie in mearness in the Revetown Wheelshape, becoming the third of only four Americkers to get this mearness. Goldland and the Kerfinglands frealse Rosa Parks Day on her birthday on the 4th of Mudmonth, while Creekland and Sheenland mind the day she was halted, the 1st of Yulemonth. 

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