Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair
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Kiŋ of Hundlingen
1ſt Rede
GÆ 1156-1183
Wreathing GÆ 1156
Forerunne Toirdhealbhach I
Afterrunne Conchobar III
2th Rede
GÆ 1186
Ƿreaðiŋ GÆ 1186
Forerunne Conchobar III
Afterrunne Conchobar III
Hiȝ Kiŋ of Ireland
1ſt Rede
Fri., 25 Mere GÆ 1166 - GÆ 1183
Wreathing ., 26 Mere GÆ 1166 (as Kiŋ of Ireland)
Dublin, Hiȝ Kineric of Ireland
Forerunne Muirchertach V
GÆ 1185
(Rede ƿas ſametimely ƿiþ Lord Wesſewsſin's rede in ꝧ Lordſhip of Ireland)
Wreathing GÆ 1185
3rd Rede
GÆ 1189
(Rede ƿas ſametimely ƿiþ Lord Wesſewsſin's rede in ꝧ Lordſhip of Ireland)
Wreathing GÆ 1189
Afterrunne Heading edquickened 69 years later by Brian Ua Neill as Hiȝ Kiŋ Brian II of Ireland
(youngson þrouȝ his dauȝter Nuala)
Kiŋ of Ireland
1ſt Rede
Fri., 25 Mere GÆ 1166 - GÆ 1183
Forerunne None; neƿ headiŋ
2þ Rede
GÆ 1185
(Rede ƿas ſametimely ƿiþ Lord Wesſewsſin's rede in ꝧ Lordſhip of Ireland)
Ƿreaðiŋ GÆ 1185
3rd Rede
GÆ 1189
(Rede ƿas ſametimely ƿiþ Lord Wesſewsſin's rede in ꝧ Lordſhip of Ireland)
Ƿreaðiŋ GÆ 1189
Afterrunne 1. Heading next foreheld flittedly 126 years later by Airefheart Brús bewhile ðe Bruce bandwain
(3rd great-youngson þrouȝ his dauȝter Nuala)
2. Heading next unflittedly aſhapen 352 years later by Hamrich VIII of Eŋland as Hamrich, Kiŋ of Ireland
(faðerly 4th half-ſwoor 13x edmoved)
Wightly inſight
Birþ Monday, 4 Holimonth GÆ 1116
(N.K.: Monday, 14 Holimonþ GÆ 1116)
Greatburȝ Stronghold, Greatburȝ, Kiŋric of Hundliŋen, Hiȝ Kineric of Ireland
Deaþ ƿednesday, 2 Yulemonth GÆ 1198
(N.K.: ƿednesday, 12 Yulemonþ GÆ 1198)
Yeŋ Faðerſted, Yeŋ, Kiŋric of Hundliŋen
Begraving Clonmacnois, County Offaly, Ireland
ƿife Six, yinning Tailtiu iŋen Ní Máelshechlainn, dauȝter of Kiŋ Muirchertach III of Meaþ, and Dubhchobhlaiȝ Ní Ruairc, dauȝter of Kiŋ Tighearnán II of Breffin
Offspring By
1. Conchobar Ua Conchobair
2. Conchobar III, Kiŋ of Hundliŋen
3. Rose Ní Conchobair
5. Aed mac Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair
4. Toirdelbach II, Kiŋ of Hundliŋen
7. Muirghis Cananach Ua Conchobhair
6. Nuala Ní Conchobair
10. Domnall Mór Ua Conchobair
8. Aedh XI, Kiŋ of Hundliŋen
By Tailtiu iŋen Ní Máelshechlainn
9. Muirchertach Ua Conchobair
11. Diarmait mac Ruaidrí Ó Conchobair
12. (Unnamed) Ní Conchobair
By Dubhchobhlaiȝ Ní Ruairc
13. Aedh Muimhnech Ua Conchobair
14. Raghnailt Ní Conchobair
15. Caillech De Ní Conchobair
Full name Old Iriſh: Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair
Middle Iriſh: Ruaidhrí Ó Conchobhair
Nowtime Iriſh
: Ruairí Ó Conchúir
Greater Aŋliſh: Redrich Hundlovelin
House Ó Conchobhair
Faðer Toirdhealbhach II, Hiȝ Kiŋ of Ireland
Moðer Caillech De Ní hEidhin
Affastneſs Romiſh Niȝholiſhneſs

Ruairí (4 Holimonþ 1116-2 Yulemonþ 1198), ƿas Kiŋ of Hundliŋen as Ruairí II from GÆ 1156 to 1183 and again in GÆ 1186, and boþ--Hiȝ Kiŋ of Ireland as Ruairí III and Kiŋ of Ireland as Ruairí, Kiŋ of Ireland--ſametimely from GÆ 1166 to 1183, edwending briefly to thrith in boþ GÆ 1185 and 1189. He ƿas ꝧ laſt Hiȝ Kiŋ of Ireland before ꝧ Normaniſh raid (Brian Ua Néill and Edƿard Bruce, Ruairí's youngson and 3rd great-youngson both þrough his daughter Nuala, haviŋ each foreheldheading ƿiþ gainſtanders years later but hir foreholds ƿere bethought as misbegotten).

Ruaidrí ƿas one of over tƿenty ſons of Kiŋ Toirrdhealbhach I of Hundliŋen (GÆ 1088-1156). He and his ſiſter Mór ƿere Tairrdelbach's only children from his þird ƿife, Cailech Dé Ní hEidin of Aidhne.

Rig Damna Connachta[edit | edit source]

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Tánaiſte[edit | edit source]

High King Toirrdhealbhach II now chose anoðer ſon, Donnell Mor, as tánaiste, but Ruaidrí forbettered his richneſs with his raids againſt Tighearnán II of Breffin in GÆ 1146 and latching and killing Toirdhealbhach's neve and wiðerling, Domnall Ua Conchobar. Donnell Mór Mideach began to lose hild in GÆ 1147 and his orlay was ſealed when he was arreſted in GÆ 1151, making fast Ruaidrí's forehold as his faðer's erve. In ðat year Ruaidrí spowfully raided North Mumanſted, where Tairrdelbach won a great ſig at ðe Gouth of Móin Mór.

Dearbhforgaill's foꝛeþouȝt kidnappiŋ[edit | edit source]

In GÆ 1152, High King Muircheartach V fared into Mids, fordriving yisles of Tairrdelbach.

Douȝtineß to GÆ 1156[edit | edit source]

Kiŋ of Hundlingen[edit | edit source]

Hiȝ Kiŋ and full Kiŋ of Ireland[edit | edit source]

Upon ꝧ deaþ of Hiȝ Kiŋ Muirchertach V in early GÆ 1166, Ruairí rode to Dublin hƿere he ƿas affixed as Kiŋ of Ireland ƿiðute ƿiþſtandands. He ƿas full kiŋ over ꝧ iland of Ireland noƿ beoned as a hƿole, but at ꝧ ſame time, he ƿas ſtill hiȝ kiŋ over ꝧ reſt of ꝧ kiŋs on ꝧ iland, all of ƿhom ƿere beloƿ him in rink. He ƿas mootly ꝧ erſt-ever unbickered full kiŋ of Ireland as ƿell as ꝧ only Gelish one, as ꝧ haps of ꝧ Normaniſh raid of GÆ 1169 þrouȝ 1171 brouȝt about ꝧ ſhattering of ꝧ hiȝ-kiŋſhip, and ꝧ ðorouȝ hƿelmiŋ of ꝧ Kiŋs of Eŋland in Iriſh gereck.

Folloƿiŋ his affixiŋ, one of Ruairí's erſt bedoings as kiŋ ƿas ꝧ beating down of Liȝenſted, ƿhich edsprung in ꝧ wraxlie of its kiŋ, [his faðerly 4th ſwoor and scathend, ]Diarmait III. Ruairí ðen thedged friſts and yiſles from all ꝧ loggable kiŋs and lords. And after ðat he frealsed Oneach Tailltann, a beknowledged ſunderyift of ꝧ Hiȝ Kiŋs, in ƿhich he made a rime of chiſty outyivings and yifts. Hoƿever, his headſeat belived in his home ledemark in middle Hundlingen (County Galƿay). Ireland's acknowledged headſtead, Dublin, ƿas reded by Ascall mac Ragnaill, ƿho had underwilled to Ruairí.

Only ƿiþ ꝧ coming of Mac Murchada's Aŋle-Normaniſh ifolk in Merrymonth GÆ 1169 did Ruairí's ſteadholding begin to ƿeaken. A ſay of deadly drubbings and ill-deemed griþƿrits loſt him much of Liȝenſted, and bolſtered uprisiŋs by ƿiðercor lords. By ðe time of ꝧ coming of Kiŋ Hamrich II of Eŋland in GÆ 1171, Ruairí's berþ as kiŋ of Ireland ƿas upriſingly unupholſome.

King Ruairí at erſt belived glove from betroðal with King Hamrich, ðough many of ðe leſser kings and lords welcomed his accoming as hi wiſhed to ſee him mere ðe ledemarkly ekes made by his gesiths. Þrough ðe betwixting of Lorcán Ua Tuathail (Laurence Thedewiseling), ðe Headoverſeeand of Blackpool, Ruairí and Hamrich came to friſts with ðe Grithwrit of Windsor in GÆ 1175. Ruairí yeaſaid to acknowledge Hamrich as his lord; in edwend, Ruairí was thaven to keep all Ireland as his wightly kingdom outſide ðe petty riches of Liȝen (Leinster) and Midden (Meath) as well as ðe stead of Waterford.

Hamrich was eiðer unwilling or unable to inthrack ðe friſts of ðe grithwrit on his gesiths in Ireland, who aſſingeled to eke ledemarkſhip in Ireland, while Ruairí could not wald ðe leſser Iriſh kings. Ꝧis led to furꝧer fead between ðe Gelish kings and ðe Angle-Normaniſh gesiths which would aſſingel for yearshundred. A lay ord came in GÆ 1177 with a spowful raid into ðe heart of Hundlingen by a band of Angle-Normaniſhands, led by one of King Ruairí's own ſons, Muirchertach Atheling. Hi were fordriven, Ruairí befealing ðe blinding of his ſon Muirchertach, but over ðe next ſix years his rede was uprisingly fordwined by twixfack erverichly fead and outward beſtorms. Endily, in GÆ 1183, he downſtepped.

He was twice briefly edwended to þrith in GÆ 1185 and GÆ 1189, but even within his home kingdom of Hundlingen he had become mootiſhly markled. He lived sweily on his ethels, died at ðe faðerſted of Yeng in GÆ 1198 and was begraved at Neeson Meadow. With ðe acumend outtake of ðe ſhort rede of his youngson, High King Brian II in GÆ 1258 þrouȝ 1260, no Gelish king was ever acknowledged as king or hiȝ king of Ireland ever again.

P.W.: Ðe Normaniſh overwon England and Wales. In a way, hie overwon Scotland, but hie were never able to take full wield over Ireland. Ðerefore, a fully-wielded þedeſhip didn't bloom. Ðis is because Robert FitzStephen and his men were trowfully a bunch of misfits unlike Olave Cromwell and his troups 478 years later.

Ðe Normaniſh winth had been owed to landmighty overlineſs and ſtronghold-building; ðe lack of a beoned withſtanding from ðe Iriſh; and ðe upholding of ðe holimoot for Hamrich's inbreak.

Children and afterkinds[edit | edit source]

Ꝧ laſt of Ruairí's afterkinds to hold ꝧ kiŋſhip of Hundlingen, Aed mac Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair, II, died in GÆ 1233. Ꝧ Aþsels of Hundliŋen yive ꝧ folloƿiŋ inþiŋ for ðis:

Aed mac Ruaidri had been five years Kiŋ of Hundlingen, as ꝧ ſhope ſaid: 'Aed mac Ruaidri of ꝧ ſƿift onſlauȝt, five years of his rede over ꝧ landſhip, till he fell-- a loſs of every mire-- by ꝧ hand of Fedlimid.' Here ends ꝧ rede of ꝧ children of Ruaidri O Conchobair, Kiŋ of Ireland. For ꝧ Holy Faðer offered him ꝧ heading to [ꝧ kiŋſhip of Ireland] for hisſelf and his ſeed for ever, and likeƿise ſix ƿives, if he ƿould aſake ꝧ ſin of lair henceforþſ and ſince he ƿould not intake ðese friſts God took ꝧ rede and uttoverredeſhip from his ſeed for ever, in wittening for his ſin.

1. Conchobar Ua Conchobair

2. Conchobar III of Hundliŋen
-Caþal V, Kiŋ of Hundliŋen
*Melaȝlin Ua Conchobair
-Maþȝamhain mac Conchobair Maenmaige Ua Conchobair
-Tadhg mac Conchobar Maenmaige Ua Conchobair
-Aodh mac Conchobar Maenmaige Ua Conchobair
-Donnchadh mac Conchobar Maenmaige Ua Conchobair
-Muirchertach Teþbhach Ua Conchobair
-Mael Seachlainn mac Conchobar Maenmaige Ua Conchobair

3. Rose Ní Conchobair (ƿ. GÆ 1180, to Huȝ de Lacy, Lord of Meaþ)
-ƿilhelm Gorm de Lacy
-Ysota de Lacy

4. Toirdhealbhach II of Hundliŋen
-Conchobar Buide mac Toirdelbach Ua Conchobair
-Brian mac Toirdelbach Ua Conchobair

5. Aed mac Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair, died 1159

6. Nuala Ní Conchobair, died GÆ 1226 (m. Niall Ruadh)
-Dauȝter iŋen Ní Néill, ƿ. Cailean of Carrick
-Brian II, Hiȝ Kiŋ of Ireland

7. Muirȝis Cananach Ua Conchobhair

8. Aedh XI, Kiŋ of Hundliŋen

9. Muirchertach Ua Conchobair

10. Domnall Mór Ua Conchobair
-Niall mac Domnall Mór Ua Conchobair, killed in GÆ 1242

11. Diarmait mac Ruaidrí Ó Conchobair
-Diarmait mac Diarmait Ua Conchobair, forblowed. GÆ 1237
-Donnchad mac Diarmait Ua Conchobair, forblowed GÆ 1237
-Muirchertach mac Diarmait Ua Conchobair, killed in GÆ 1237
-Cormac mac Diarmait Ua Conchobair

12. (Unnamed) Ní Conchobair, killed in GÆ 1176 by ꝧ ſons of Ua Cairella[i]n (ƿ. [F]laiþbertach Ua Maeldoraidh)

13. Aedh Muimhnech Ua Conchobair
-Conchobar mac Aedh Muimhnech Ua Conchobair, alive in 1236

14. Raȝnailt Ní Conchobair

15. Caillech De Ní Conchobair

Amongſt his afterkinds þrouȝ his daughter Nuala were his youngson Brian II, High King of Ireland, moſt of ðe earls of Carrick in Scotland (beginning with his great-youngson Niall of Carrick, 2th Earl of Carrick), alongſide ðe whole Bruce, Stuart, Harrow, Hanover, Sax-Cowborough and Goodeas and Windsor erveriches of Briten. And þrouȝ his oldeſt daughter Rose, he was also an unþrouȝ forekind of ðe whole House of Tiwden.

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Kiŋdom of Ireland

Redrich, Kiŋ of Ireland Nuala Ni Conchobair, ƿife of Niall Ruadh Dauȝter of Niall Ruadh and sister of Burȝand II, Hiȝ Kiŋ of Ireland Niall of Carrick Marjorie of Carrick Edƿard Bruce

Kiŋ of Ireland
GÆ 1166-1183; 1185; 1189

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