The Rus are an olden time folk who gave their name to the lands of Russland and White Russland. The Old Rus tung gave birth to the Russish, Whiterussish, and Ukrainish ledes and leids. Their background and selfhood are not truly know. Russish fieldknowers, along with some Western ones, find the Rus to be a south-eastern Slavish folk that grounded a kindred band - the Kievish Rich. Ibn Khordadbeh, a Persish earthdrawer from the 9th yearhundred also believed the Rus folk to have Slavish roots. Old-line Western lorers believe them to be a band of Varangers — sundry gangs of Norsemen. From the First Saga of Rus, put together in about 1113 AD, the Rus had shifted "from over the sea", first to north-eastern Eveland, starting an early rich that in the end came under the leadership of Rurik. Later, Rurik's kin Oleg took Kiev, grounding the Kievish Rus. The offspring of Rurik were the reding house of Rus' (after 862), and of earldoms started in the land formerly besat by the Kievish Rus, such as Galicia-Volhynia (after 1199), Chernigov, Vladimir-Suzdal and the Great Earldom of Moscow, the grounders of the Tsardom of Russia.

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