Sachsen-Anhalt (Theech)
Flag of Saxland-Onhold Coat of Seal of Saxland-Onhold
Flag Coat of Seal
Ethel Theechland
Headstead Maidenborough
Revetung Allmean Theech
Other tungs Eastfalish, Uppersaxish,
Inwonername Saxes-Onholder
- Body
- Rede-Foresitter

Landday of Saxland-Onhold
Reiner Haseloff
Landswathe 7,896.40 miles²
Befolking 2,245,470

Saxland-Onhold (TheechSachsen-Anhaltoutspeaked [ˌzaksn̩ ˈʔanhalt]) is a landlocked oathneat boundland of Theechland amid by the oathneat boundlands of NethersexBrandenborough,
Saxland and Thiringerland. Its headstead is Maidenborough and its biggest stead is Halle (Saale). Saxland-Onhold holsters an swathe of 20,447.7 foursided thousandmetes (7,894.9 4s tm) and has a befolking of 2.23 micklered. It is the 8th biggest boundland in Theechland by swathe and the 10th biggest by befolking.

The boundland of Saxland-Onhold grew out of the former Prussish Landshare of Saxland and Free Boundland of Onhold throughout Prussland's breakup after World Wye II. In 1945 the FB ferd wike and, understraightly, the Soviet ferd wike stighted the former landshare's land into the new boundland. The boundland became a bit of the newly longstanding Theech Folkshiply Ledewealth in 1947, but in 1952 the boundland was ended and its land split into the East Theech ridings of Halle and Maidenborough, with the outtake of the stead of Torgau, which linked the riding of Lipesick. After Theech edforoning in 1990, the boundland was again-longstanding, leaving out Torgow.

Saxland-Onhold should not be mistaken with Saxland or Nethersex, the names of two other Theech boundlands.

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