Free Boundland of Saxland
Freistatt Sachsen (Theech)
Swobodny stat Sakska (Upper Sorbish)
Flag of Saxes Coat of Seal of Saxland
Flag Coat of Seal
Ethel Theechland
Headstead Dresds
Revetung Allmean Theech
Other tungs Uppersaxish, Upper Sorbish,
Inwonername Saxes
- Body

- Rede-Foresitter

Landday Free Boundland of
Stanislaw Tillich
Landswathe 7,110.33 miles²
Befolking 4,084,851

The Free Boundland of Saxland (TheechFreistaat Sachsen; Upper Sorbish: Swobodny stat Sakska) is a landlocked oathneat boundland of Theechland, bordering the oathneat boundlands of Brandenborough, Saxland-OnholdThiringerland, and Bayerland, as well as the ethels of Poland (Nether Slesish and Lubusz Landships) and the Checkland (Karlovy Vary, Liberec and Ústí nad Labem Fields). Its headstead is Dresds, and its biggest stead is Lipsick.

Saxland is the tenth biggest of Theechland's sixteen boundlands, with an landspan of 18,413 fourside thousandmetes (7,109 sq mi), and the sixth most folkful, with 4 micklered folk.

The yore of the boundland of Saxland spans more than a yearthousand. It has been a middle eld heretogdom, an choosedom of the Holy Romish Rike, a kingdom, and twice a ledewealth.

The landspan of the newfangled boundland of Saxland should not be mistaken with Old Saxland, the landspan is dwelled by Saxes. Old Saxland matches roughly to the newfangled Theech boundlands of NethersexSaxland-Onhold and the Westfalish bit of Northrine-Westfales.

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