Englished by William F. Beck, and Anglished by MDS

Head 1Edit


1 to the folk who by the rightousness of our God and Healer Jesus Christ were given a lief as costly as ours:

2 As you know God and our Lord Jesus, may you queme more and more of His frith and kindness.

3 By His drightness and might He once gave us truly great and dear oaths and now has callen us. When we got to know Him, His godly craft gave us everything for life and godliness.

4 to help you break free of the adrilling that lust brought into the world and to share the godly whatness.

5 Seeing that, try much hard to eke to your lief zedely craft, zedely craft knowledge,

6 to knowledge self-hold, to self-hold withstandedness, to withstandedness godliness,

7 to godliness siblingish kindness, to siblingish kindness love.

8 If you have these and they grow more and more, they keep you from being brookless and unwielding in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

9 But if anyone doesn't have these, they're blind, shortsighted, and have forgotten that their old sins were washed away.

10 Be all the more earnest, then, fellow Christlings, to make sure you're God's callen and chosen ones. If you do this, you will never forsay.

11 Then with rich gifts you will be welcomed into the everlasting rike of our Lord and Healer Jesus Christ.

12 And so I'm always going to amind you of this, although you already know it and are well grounded in the truth you have.

13 I think it's right, as long as I'm in the hut of this body, to afresh your mind

14 since I know I'm soon going to lay aside my hut; our Lord Jesus Christ has told me.

15 And I'll do my best to make it maybesome for you to keep in mind these things at any time after I'm gone.

16 We didn't follow any clever dreamtales when we told you about the craft of our Lord Jesus Christ and His coming. No, with our own eyes we saw His lordship.

17 God the Father gave Him wulder and worthiness when from His wonderful wulder He said to Him, "This is My Son Whom I love and with Whom I am quemed."

18 We heard that call speak to Him from heaven when we were with Him on the holy dune.

19 And we have a more sure word of soothsaying. Bid, look to it as to a light shining in a gloomy stead till the day dawns and the morningstar rises in your hearts.

20 Understand this first, that no one can sweetle any written Word of God they like,

21 since it never was the will of a werish being that brought us God's Word, but the Holy Ghost shifted holy men to say what God told them.

Head 2Edit

1 But there were also men who boded lies among the folk, like there will also be among those who teach lies. They will hiddenly bring into their own wrecksome teachings. Witherspeaking the Lord who has bought them, they quickly wreck themselves.

2 And many will follow their thowless ways and make folks to slander the way of truth.

3 In their greed they will talk untruthfully to you to make a buck. A fair scolding has long been getting ready for them, and wrecking has been watching for them.

4 God didn't heal errandghosts who sinned but put them into the gloomy banish-steads of hell to be kept for doom.

5 And He didn't spare the old world but guarded Noah, who preached righteousness, and seven others when He brought a flood on a world of ungodly folk.

6 And He doomed the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah, wrecked them by burning them to ashes, and made them a warning to those who are going to be ungodly,

7 but He nerried righteous Lot, whom the wicked folks dretched with their thowless life.

8 (Seeing and hearing the wicked things they did, this upright man tousled his righteous soul day after day as he lived among them.)

9 The Lord knows how to nery godly folks when they are forsought and to keep the wicked under scolding for the doomsday,

10 moreso those who go lusting after sinful flesh to befile themselves and who hate the Lord. Bold and headstrong men, without fearing they slander beings of wulder,

11 whom even errandghosts, although they're greater in strength and craft, don't doom and misbrook before the Lord.

12 But like unthinking wights that are born to be fleshly, to be caught and killed, they slander what they don't understand, and like wights they will be wrecked-

13 and so lose what they hoped to gain by their wrong-doing. Their thought of quemedom is to birle in broad daylight. They are spots and guilts! They like misleading you while they merrymake with you.

14 They have eyes only for a whore and are unstoppingly looking for sin. They try to trap weak souls. Their hearts are trained to be greedy. Awerried folk!

15 Leaving the right way, they've gone wrong. They've gone the way of Balaam, Beor's son, who loved the afterleen he would get for doing wrong.

16 But he was shown how wrong he was: a speachless donkey spoke with a werish call and didn't let the soothsayer go on in his wacky way.

17 They are dried-up springs, fogs driven by a storm. Dark gloom is held for them.

18 By talking high-sounding gammon and brooking traps baited with lusts for the folks who are barely withfaring from those who live in fear.

19 Oathing themselves freedom, they are themselves thralls to adrilling- anyone is a thrall of that which won them.

20 If by knowing the Lord and Healer Jesus Christ they withfared the world’s adrillings but are again entangled and overcome by them, these folks are worse off in the end than they were before.

21 It would have been better for them to never have known the right way than to learn it and then wend their backs on the holy behesting that was given them.

22 The byword is true that tells what happened to them: A dog goes back to what he has thrown up, and a sow that has washed goes back to roll in the mud.

Head 3Edit

1 Dear friends, this is now the twoth writ I’m writing you. In both of them I stir up your clean minds by aminding you

2 to think of what the holy soothsayers foretold and what the Lord and Healer behested through your erranders.

3 First of all you should know that in the last days mockers, following their own inpushes, will come mocking:

4 “He vowed to come. What has happened? From the time the fathers went to their rest everything has stayed as it was since the world was first shopen.”

5 When they bestand on this, they forget that long ago God’s Word made the sky and shope the earth out of water and with water.

6 Then this water also flooded the world and fordid it.

7 And the same Word has guarded the gainward heavens and the earth for the fire and keeps them for the day when the ungodly will be doomed and forlorn.

8 Don’t forget, dear friends, with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like one day.

9 The Lord isn’t slow to do what He oathed, as some folks think. He is forbearing with you and doesn’t want anyone to die but wants them all to wend from sin to Him.

10 The Lord’s day will come like a thief. On that day the heavens will go away with a roar, the firststuffs will be done in by heat- along with the earth; and what was done on it will be shown.

11 Since all these things will be fordone in this way, think how holy and godly you should live,

12 waiting for and speeding the coming of God’s day that will forlese the heavens with fire and melt the firststuffs with heat.

13 But following His vow we forwait new heavens and a new earth where righteousness lives.

14 With this to look forward to, dear friends, do your best to have Him find you without a spot or blemish and at frith.

15 Believe that our Lord’s forbearance means health, even as our dear brother Paul wrote you after the wisdom given him.

16 He talks about this in all his writs. Some things in them are hard to understand, and those who are loreless and not well grounded misread them as they do the rest of the Book, and so they forlese themselves.

17 Now you, dear friends, are warned. Be on your guard, and don’t let folks without eldertruths sweep you off your feet by their mistake.

18 But grow in God’s kindness and in knowing our Lord and Healer Jesus Christ. To Him be wulder now and forever. So be it.

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