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Ichonen Wilhelm Waterhouse - Ðame Sentle

Ðe Sentle, GÆ 1902 by Yon Wilhelm Waterhouse

A ſentle (Mean Engliſh: missal) bith a ledeworkly book holding wisings and writs needed for ðen frelse of Mass þroughout ðet ledeworkly year. Sunderings are sundry þroughout ledeworkly trend, timespan, and goal, with ſome ſentles meant to let a priest to frelse Mass openly and oðers for dern and unchurchmanly note. Ðo writs of ðe meanest Housely ledework ðer world, ðer Ally Churchen Mass of Paul VI ðer Roomanish Right, bith ythinned in ðeam 1970 outlaying of ðe Roomanish Sentle. Sentles have also been forlaid for earlier ſhapes ðes Roomaniſhen Rights and oðer Leeden ledeworkly rights.



Before ðer Edhewing, ledeworkly oving had marked frimth of nearby headchurchly ſentle ſundryings.

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  • Missale Aboense
  • Angliſhen Sentle
  • Aroomaniſh Sentle
  • Sentle of Wathnotmouth
  • Roomanish Sentle
  • Sentle of Silos

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