Schaan (Theech)
Schaa (Allmenish)
Flag of Shaan


Revetung Allmean Theech
Other Tungs Allmenish
Inwonername Shaaner
- Overall

26.8 miles²
- Overall

Shaan (Theech: Schaan, Allmenish: Schaa) is the biggest meanth of Lightenstone by befolking. It is lied to the north of Vaduz, the headstead, in the midmost bit of the homeland. As of 2015 it has a befolking of 5,994, making it the most folkful wike neighborhood in Lightenstone, and overlays an landspan of 26.8 miles2, inholding barrows and woods.

Yore Edit

First hint at about 850, Shaan has over 4,000 undertakings, making it a big wealthlore midst in the homeland. Shaan is the spot of the world headfourths of Ivoclar Vivadent AG, the world's biggest frame of lease teeth, and Hilti Stock fellowship, one of the world's biggest makers of anchors and grip tools.

Landscape Edit

Shaan borders the town of Box in Switzerland.

The meanth inholds the town of Millholt and the Navecop, one of the two tritips between Lightenstone, Switzerland and Eastric.

Lorecraft Edit

There are four kindergrove sites: Malarsch, Pardiel, Rebera, and Werkof. The Meanshipmidst Resch, Firsthall feeds main learnhall bestandings.

Truehall Shaan and Sporthall Lightenstone are in Shaan, while Truehall Vaduz and Upperhall Vaduz are in the Hallmidst Millholt II in Vaduz. Light. Towhall is also in Vaduz.

There is a hushed Whalethorp learnhall that has learners from, in togive to Lightenstone, Eastric and Switzerland. It was longstanding in 1985.

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