Starlore (Mean English: Astronomy) is a clay lore that seeks to understand heavenly bodies and happenings. It brooks rimecraft, worldken, and blendlore to unriddle the beginnings of those bodies and happenings and how they came to be. Bodies with greatest indraw are tungles, moons, stars, starswirls, and shooting stars; the happenings inhold starbursts and G-bursts. More wholly, all happenings that happen outside Earth's room are within the field of starlore.

Starlore is one of the oldest fields of clay lore. The early folkdoms in written yore, such as the Babyloners, Greeks, Indlanders, Egypters, Nubish, Iraners, Chinish, Mayers and many olden inborn folk of the Amerikslands undertook watchings of the night sky. Throughout yore, starlore has inheld many unlike fields of lore.

Under the H20th, the field of book-learned starlore split into beheld and thoughtlaid fields. Beheld starlore is to do with getting knowledge from beheld heavenly bodies, which is then undersought brooking grounded eldertruths of worldken. Thoughtlaid starlore is weighed toward the ripening of forelays to understrike heavenly bodies and happenings. The two fields work well with one another, with thoughtlaid starlore seeking to ground beheld findings and beholdings being brooked to ground thoughtlaid findings.

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