The Anglish Moot

Danganronpa (Greater Anglish: Strealallay) is a Dawnlandish series of ghost-wonder Film games by Spike Chunsoft. The Over-High-School-Steig (OHSS) students are each trapped in an enclosed space together, and in order to escape, one has to commit the perfect murder. However, others are comitted to stopping the power of Forthought and saving everyone. Strealallay: Trigger Happy Havoc was released in 2010. It was followed by Over Strealallay 2: Goodbye Forthought and New Strealallay V3: Killing Leethering


Strealallay has two kinds of gameplay; Daily Life/Deadly Life and the Trials. Daily Life is standard sweven-talebook gameplay. In the trials, players must collect Truth Streals and fire them at White Noise to find the truth.


The OHSS Learners:

  • H0-P3: OHSS Werehue