Québec (French)
Quebec (Mean English)
"Je me souviens"
"I keep in mind"
Ethel Whitenorth
Revetown Streamneck Stead
Biggest stead Kingsbarrow
Inwonername Streamnecker
- Under-Highthane
- Firstthane
J. Michel Doyon
François Legault
Landswathe 1,542,056 fourside thousandtals
- In full
- Huddlemete
5.98/fourside thousandtal

Streamneck (French: Québec; Mean English: Quebec) is one of the thirteen greatshires and landdeals of Whitenorth. It is bordered to the west by the greatshire of Fairwater and the bodies of water James Bight and Hudson Bight, to the north by Hudson Strait and Openwater Bight; to the east by the Bight of Holy Lawrence and the greatshire of Newfoundland and the Golden Arm, and to the south by the greatshire of New Brunswick and the O.R. rikes of Manland, New Hampshire, Greenhills and New Everwick. Streamneck is Whitenorth's biggest greatshire by landswathe and its twithe-greatest lawmootish share; only the landdeal of Ourland is bigger. In ereloric and lawmootish ways it is thought to be a bit of Middle Whitenorth.

Streamneck is the twithe-most befolkered greatshire of Whitenorth, after Fairwater. It is the lone one to have mainly French-speaking folk, with French as the lone greatshirely revetung. Most indwellers live in townish landships near the Holy Lawrence ea between Kingsbarrow and Streamneck Stead, the revetown. Near half of Streamneck's indwellers wone in the Greater Kingsbarrow Landship, inholding the Iland of Kingsbarrow. English-speaking fellowships are huddled in the west of the iland of Kingsbarrow but also markedly found in the landships of Traders, Eastern Townships, and Landsend. The North of Streamneck landship, making up the northern half of the greatshire, is unhuddledly befolkered and dwelled in mostly by inborn folks. 

The loftlay by the greatest steads is four-yeartimes landblockish with cold and snowy winters melded with warm to hot, wethot summers, but farther north long winter yeartimes are mean and so the northern landships of the greatshire are marked by northgrass loftlays. Also in Middle Streamneck, at more southerly bowheights, winters are harsh in inland landships. 

Streamneck selfstandinghood moots have played a big deed in the rikescraft of the greatshire. Streamnecker Mootband lawmoots held folkspolls on selfstandinghood in 1980 and 1995. Though neither went after, the 1995 folkspoll saw the greatest chooser turnout in Streamneck history, at ninety-three hundreths and only flunked by a hundredth. In 2006, the House of Means of Whitenorth went after a hoveliness-law deeming the "Streamneckers as a folksland within a foroned Whitenorth."

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