Strasbourg (French)
Straßburg (Theech)
Strossburi (Elsassish)
Ethel Frankric
Landshape Great East
Revetung French
Other tungs Allmean Hightheech, Allmenish (Elsish)
Inwonername Streetborougher

- Boroughreeve

Roland Ries
Settled 12 BC
Landswathe 30.22 miles²
Befolking (2014) 276,170

Streetborough or Streetburgh (French: Strasbourg; Theech: Straßburg; Elsassish: Strossburi) is the headstead and biggest stead of the Great East landshape of Frankric and the Low-Rine offdealing. It is found on the hem of Frankric and Theechland in the sheedly landshape of Elsass, (French: Alsace; Theech: Elsass). In 2014, the stead fitting had 276,170 dwellers and both the Evemickleburgh of Streetborough (Greater Streetborough) and the Atrindling of Streetborough had 484,157 dwellers. Streetborough's mickleboroughmoot landspan had a befolking of 773,347 in 2013 (not reckoning the block across the border in Theechland), making it the ninth greatest mickle landspan in Frankric and home to 13% of the Great East field's dwellers. The overtheedhold Eveneighborhood Streetborough-Ortenow had a befolking of 915,000 dwellers in 2014.

Streetborough is one of the in truth headsteads of the Evelandish Fay (alongside Brussle and Littleborough), as it is the seat of sundry Evelandish bodies, such as the Redemoot of Eveland (with its Evelandish Hove of Man Rights, its Evelandish Headlist for the Kind of Healings and its Evelandish Loudsight Outlook) and the Evebods, as well as the Evelandish Ledeward and the Evelandish Ombudsman of the Evelandish Fay. The stead is also the seat of the Midst Betaking for Guiding on the Rine and the Worldwide stight of Man Rights.

Streetborough's shodly stead heart, the Grande Île (Great Island), was branded a World Birthright ord by UNESCO in 1988, the first time such an uprightness was stowed on an whole stead midst. Streetborough is soaked in the French-Theech couth and although stormly bickered throughout yore, has been a couthly bridge between Frankric and Theechland for yearhundreds, namely through the Lorestead of Streetborough, nowenly the twoth biggest in France, and the by-being of Catholish and Gainsayer couth. The biggest islamish spot of worship in Frankric, the Streetborough Great Worshiphouse, was ontokened by French Inside Ambighter Manuel Valls on 27 Holymonth 2012.

Dealingly, Streetborough is an foremost heart of beframing and wrighting, as well as a hub of road, spor, and stream overcarrying. The haven of Streetborough is the twoth biggest on the Rine after Hillborough, Theechland.

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