Flag of Studyard
- Land
- Wike
- Riding
Revetung Allmean Hightheech
Other tungs Allmenish (Swabish, Bathish)
Inwonername Studyarder
- Lord Boroughreeve

Fritz Kuhn
Settled 1158
Landswathe 207.36 miles²
Befolking 623,738

Studyard (Allmean Hightheech: Stuttgart; Swabish: Schduagert; Bathish: Sduagord) is the headstead and biggest stead of the Theech landshape of Baths-Wirthemberry.

Studyard is lying on the Neckar stream in a green dale nearly known as the "Studyard Kettle" an stound from the Allmenish Alp and the Swartswald, and its townish land has a ledescore of 609,219, making it the sixth biggest stead in Theechland. 2.7 twisand folk live in the borough's wike field and another 5.3 twisand folk in its Mickleboroughmoot land, making it the fourth biggest mickleborough land in Theechland.

The borough and mickleboroughmoot land are weenly rowed among the top 20 Evelandish mickleboroughmoot land by GDP; Mercer listed Studyard as 21st on its 2015 list of boroughs by kind of living, newmaking to act 2thinknow rowed the borough 24th worldly out of 442 boroughs and the Oneworldness and World Boroughs Groundwork Network rowed the borough as a Beta-standing world borough in their 2014 oversee.

Since the 6th yearthousand BC, the Studyard land has been an foremost harvest land and has been host to a rime of folklores seeking to note the rich soil of the Neckar dale. The Romish Rich upended the land in 83 AD and built a bulky stronghold Bath Cannstead, making it the most far-reaching land heart for sundry yearhundreds. Studyard's roots were truly laid in the 10th yearhundred with its settling by Liudolf, Earl of Swabeland, as a stud farm for his wyehouses. Overshadowed by nearby Cannstead, the town grew steadily and was bestowed a booking in 1320. The lucks of Studyard wended with those of the House of Wirthemberry, and they made it the headstead of their ethelearldom, and kingdom from the 15th yearhundred to 1918. Studyard put forth although setbacks in the Thirty Years' Wye and breakdown loft raids by the Allies on the borough and its self-moving output. However, by 1952, the borough had bounced back and it became the high wealthlore, worksomeness, fandledom and forth setting midst it is today.

Studyard is also a ferry foroning, and owns the sixth-biggest lofthubt in Theechland, where fellowships such as Porsche, Bosch , Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG, Dinkelacker, and others are headfourthed there.

Studyard is frimdy in the scheme of Theech boroughs. It is spread over a kind of hills (some of them holstered in vineyards), dales (namely about the Neckar stream and the Studyard watershed) and parrock. This is often a beginning of astound to guests who hookup the borough with its mark as the "cradle of the self-moving". The borough's fandledom catchphrase is "Studyard bids more". Under running hatchs to grow better ferry links to the altheedish belowbuilding (as part of the Studyard 21 goalwork), the borough let out a new brandmark and catchphrase in Rethmonth 2008 betelling itself as "Das neue Herz Europas" ("The new Heart of Eveland"). For business, it betells itself as "Where business meets the upcoming". In Afterlithe 2010, Studyard let out a new borough brandmark,outline to spur more business folk to beline in the borough and enjoy breaks in the land.

Studyard is a borough with a high rim of newcomers. By to Dorling Kindersley's Eyewitness Dare Steer to Theechland, "In the borough of Stuttyard, every third dweller is a outlander." 40% of Studyard's dwellings, and 64% of the ledescore below the eld of five, are of comer background.

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