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The Sun


The Sun is the star nearest to Earth. It is made of much-heated athom, 74 in 100 bits of allmote, 25 in 100 bits of lightmote, and the laf being a small blend of other ormotes. The Sun makes up 99.8 in 100 of the sunhood's weight. The binding of litemotes into allmotes in the middle of the Sun fosters heat and light reaching Earth and beyond.

The Sun has a shademark of G2V. "G2" means it is white in shade, which looks yellow through the scattering of the welkin. "V" means that the Sun is in the main band of the Herztsprung-Russell Drawing.


The Sun was born roughly 5 thursand years ago, and will live on for roughly 5 thursand more years. After this, it will swell up into a Red Ettin as its middle shrinks and heats up, beginning litemote melding from the next outer layer, for about 100 micklered years. This tide will last another 100,000,000 until all uncleft binding has stopped. The Sun will then throw off its outer layers, making a starcloud. The innermost deal of the Sun will shrink into a White Dwarf, a small, hot, amazingly crowded dwarf star with half the Sun's weight but being no bigger than Earth. The white dwarf will then cool over many years until it becomes a Black Dwarf.

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