SwambBob FoursideSlacks is a nameknown livedrawing that plays on farseers worldwide. There are also films of the stream; The SwambBob FoursideSlacks Film, The SwambBob Film: Swamb Out of Water, and SwambBob: Swamb on the Run.

Hoads[edit | edit source]

The hoads of the stream are many kinds of sea deer, as well as a few land deer.

  • SwambBob FoursideSlacks - A sea swamb (that looks like a kitchen swamb) with great joyfulness. Works at the Rindful Krab as a fry cook. Lives in a firapple.
  • Fadrey Star - A sea star who is slow in mind, but just as joyful as SwambBob
  • Squidward Rinelings - A crookfish who is the grouchy neighbor between the foregone pair.
  • Har. Eugen H. Krabs - A greedy red crab who is the boss of the Rindful Krab. This foodhouse sells Krabby Loaf.
  • Shelfhill Driftermoss - An oarfoot (calque) who wants to take over the world - but he wants to steal the secret leechwrit for the Krabby Loaf first! He runs the Fodder Pail.
  • Sandy Cheeks - A smart and rowdy aquern from Lonestarland. She enjoys both lores and games.
  • Gary - A snail who acts like a puss.
  • Karen - This reckoner is Drifter Moss's wife.
  • Frow Puff - A widow and the teacher for Boating Learnhall.
  • Pearl Krabs - A potwhale and the daughter of Mr. Krabs.
  • Shrubb the Crevet - A body-building crevet who works at Goo Sealock. He is bright red thanks to the sun.
  • Mermaid Man - The town's overheleth.
  • Sea-Corn Boy - The sidekick of Mermaid Man.
  • Tom Smith - A green fish who enjoys bitternut.
  • Patchy the Shaythman
  • The Flying Dutchman - A ghostly shaythman, who works as the sea's Grim Reaper.
  • Metey the Shaythman - A meting of a shaythman
  • Potty the Redemouth - A handoll of a redemouth who Patchy keeps with him.
  • Were-Reagh - This devilish man is the foe of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.
  • The Dirty Bubble
  • Fred Rechid - A fish who is quick to suffer in his leg, with a cry of "MY LEG!"
  • Bubble Bass
  • Lifelike Fish Head

Setting[edit | edit source]

The stream takes place in Two-Bit Bottom, an undersea town.

Some settings in Two-Bit Bottom are:

  • 123 Shell Street
    • SwambBob's Firapple house
    • Patrick's rock
    • Squidward's Easter Iland Head
  • The Rindful Krab - A foodhouse that looks like a crevet trap, that serves Krabby Loaf.
  • The Fodder Pail
  • Goo Sealock
  • The Mermalair
  • Frow Puff's Boating Learnhall
  • Sandy's Treecupple

Follows[edit | edit source]

Golden Tide[edit | edit source]

Season One:

  1. Help Wanted
  2. Tea at the Treecupple
  3. Reef Blower
  4. Ripped Slacks
  5. BubbleStand
  6. Driftermoss!
  7. Seanettling
  8. Naughty Sea Neighbours
  9. Boating Learnhall
  10. Flatcake Alease
  11. Home Sweet Firapple
  12. Pickles
  13. Mermaid Man and Sea-Corn Boy
  14. Hall Overseer
  15. Seanettle Jam
  16. Sandy's Rocket
  17. Squeaky Boots
  18. Clay Slacks
  19. Gainmatch Day
  20. Kithship Shock
  21. F. U. N
  22. SinewBob BuffSlacks
  23. Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
  24. The Escort
  25. Hireling of the Month
  26. Scaredy Slacks
  27. I Was A Teenage Gary
  28. SB-129
  29. Emptyhand Choppers
  30. Sleepy Time
  31. Suds
  32. Vali's Day
  33. The Leaf
  34. Arrgh!
  35. Rock Bottom
  36. Lonestarland
  37. Walking Small
  38. Fools in Eastermonth
  39. Aegir's Lifter
  40. Hooky
  41. Mermaid Man and Sea-Corn Boy II

Season Two:

  1. Your Shoe's Untied
  2. Squid's Day Off
  3. Something Smells
  4. Bossy Boots
  5. Big Pink Loser
  6. Bubble Buddy
  7. Dying For Pie
  8. Fakery Krabs
  9. Wormy
  10. Loaf Spring
  11. Greatmother's Kisses
  12. Squidburgh
  13. Foroverwinter Week
  14. Life of Crime
  15. Yuleday Who?
  16. Overliving of the Dweases
  17. Dumped
  18. No Free Rides
  19. I'm Your Biggest Hardnose
  20. Mermaid Man and Sea-Corn Boy III
  21. Aquern Jokes
  22. Thringmight
  23. The Smoking Peanut
  24. Upon-The-Sead
  25. Gary Takes a Bath
  26. Welcome to the Fodder Pail
  27. Frankendoodle
  28. The Dile Box
  29. Band Geeks
  30. Boneyard Shift
  31. Rindful Love
  32. Tommorowing
  33. I'm With Stupid
  34. Sailor Mouth
  35. Artist Unknown
  36. Seanettle Hunter
  37. The Fry Cook Games
  38. Squid on Strike
  39. Sandy, SwambBob, and the Worm

Season Three:

  1. The Laver's Always Greener
  2. SwambWard On Duty
  3. Club SwambBob
  4. My Pretty Seahorse
  5. Just One Bite
  6. The Bully
  7. Nasty Loaf
  8. Dwease Box
  9. Mermaid Man And Sea-Corn Boy IV
  10. Doing Time
  11. Snowball Upshot
  12. One Krabs Trash
  13. As Seen on Farseer
  14. Can You Spare A Dime?
  15. No Weenies Allowed
  16. Squilliam Comes Back
  17. Krabgear
  18. Rock-a-Bye Twinshield
  19. Wet Painters
  20. Rindful Krab Training Film
  21. Bash Bungler Slacks
  22. Bitter-Nuts
  23. Mermaid Man and Sea-Corn Boy V
  24. New Learner Seastar
  25. Clams
  26. Ugh
  27. The Great Snail Race
  28. Mid-Life Crabkin
  29. Born Again Krabs
  30. I Had A Mishap
  31. Krabby Land
  32. The Camping Follow
  33. Missing Whohood
  34. Driftermoss's Landferd
  35. The Swamb Who Could Fly
  36. SwambBob Meets the Strangler
  37. Pranks A Lot

Season Four:

  1. Fear of a Krabby Loaf
  2. Shell of a Were
  3. The Lost Mattress
  4. Krabs Against Driftermoss
  5. Have You Seen This Snail
  6. Skill Crane
  7. Good Neighbors
  8. Selling Out
  9. Funny Slacks
  10. Dweases and Drakes
  11. Foe in Law
  12. Mermaid Man and Sea-Corn Boy VI: The Live Picture
  13. Patrick SmartSlacks
  14. Rindful Towers
  15. Frow Puff, You're Fired
  16. Apes Ahoy
  17. Ghost Host
  18. Whale of a Birthday
  19. Emptyhand Island
  20. All That Glitters
  21. Wishing You Well
  22. New Leaf
  23. Once Bitten
  24. Bummer Break
  25. Wigstruck
  26. Squidiful Sail
  27. That’s No Lady
  28. The Thing
  29. Hocus Pocus
  30. Driven to Tears
  31. Rule of Dumb
  32. Born to be Wild
  33. Best Friendfoes
  34. The Pink Panhandler
  35. Squid Wood
  36. Best Day Ever
  37. The Gift of Gum

Changing Times

Season Five:

  1. Friend or Foe
  2. The Firstmost Fry Cook
  3. Night Light
  4. Rise and Shine
  5. Waiting
  6. Sidefeeders Among Us
  7. Spy Buddies
  8. Boat Smarts

Songs[edit | edit source]

SwambBob is renowned for its songs.

Main Song

Are ya ready kids?
Aye, Aye, Shipper!
I can't hear you!
Aye, Aye, Shipper!
Who lives in a firapple under the sea?

SwambBob FoursideSlacks!
Takeupping and yellow and hole-filled is he!
SwambBob FoursideSlacks!
If sea-going twaddle is something you wish...
SwambBob FoursideSlacks
Then Drop on the Deck and Flop Like a Fish!
'SwambBob FoursideSlacks'
SwambBob FoursideSlacks, SwambBob FoursideSlacks, SwambBob Fourside Slacks, SwambBob... FoursideSlacks!!!

Campfire Song Song

Let's gather about the campfire
And sing our campfire song.
Our C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song
And if you don't think that we can sing it faster, then you're wrong
But it'll help if you nar sing along
Bum Bum Bum...
C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song
C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song
And if you don't think that we can sing it faster, then you're wrong
But it'll help if you nar sing along
C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song
It'll help
It'll help
If you nar sing along!
Oh yeah!!!

FUN Song

F is for friends who do things together
U is for you and me
N is for anywhere and anytime at all
Down here in the deep blue sea!
F is for fire that burns down the whole town
U is for unsetting... BLASTERS!
N is for no overlivers when you're...
Driftermoss! Those things aren't what fun is all about!
Now do it like this
F is for friends who do things to-
Never! That's wholly halfwitty!
Here, let me help you...
F is for friends who do things together
U is for you and me, mint it!
N is for anywhere and anytime at all
Down here in the deep blue sea!
Bide... I don't understand... I feel all tingly inside... Should we stop?
No! That's how you're meant to feel!
Well I like it! Let's do it again!
F is for frolic through all the blossoms
U is for being unshapely
N is for nose picking, chewing gum and sand licking
Here with my best buddy

Best Day Ever

Mr. Sun came up and he smiled at me
Said "It's gonna be a good one, nar bide and see"
Jumped out of bed, and I ran outside
Feeling so over beathrillenned
It's the best day ever
(Best day ever)
It's the best day ever
(Best day ever)
I'm so busy got nothing to do
Spent the last two stoundles nar tying my shoe
Every blossom, every speck of sand
Is reaching out to shake my hand
It's the best day ever
(Best day ever)
It's the best day ever
(Best day ever)
Sometimes the little things start closing in on me
When I'm feeling down I wanna lose that frown
I stick my head out the window and I look about
Those clouds don't scare me, they nar can't dern
This galder that's happening right before my eyes
Soon Mr. Moon will be shining bright
So the best day ever can last all night
Yes, the best day ever's gonna last all night now
It's the best day ever
(Best day ever)
It's the best day ever
(Best day ever)
It's the best day ever
(Best day ever)
It's the best day ever
(Best day ever)

Peppy Peanut Rocker

I'm a Peppy Peanut! ROCK!
You're a Peppy Peanut! ROCK!
We're all Peppy Peanuts! ROCK!
Peppy Peppy Peppy Peanut! ROCK!
Put your toys away, well then I got to say when you tell me not to play
I say "no way"
No, No, No, NO WAY!
I'm a kid, you say
When you say I'm a kid I say, say it again

A Sye So Sweet

The Winner takes all. It's the thrill of one more kill. The last one to fall, will nevar forsake their will!
Don't ever look back, on the world closing in! Be ready to strike, with your wings on the wind! Oh, the games will begin...
For it's a sye, sye, a sye so sweet, yea.
And it's ours for the taking, it's ours for the fight! It's a sye, sye, a sye so sweet


I wish I was back in Lonestar
The sea's no place for an aquern
I wish I was in Friendland, the prettiest place in the world, oh my.
I guess that deep in my heart, I'll always be a Lonestar girl.
I wanna go home, home.
I wanna wake up in Lonestar
I miss those wide open skies
I miss my twenty acres, head-to-tails and nutty cakes, oh why.
When I'm so far from you, Lonestar, all I can do is cry.
I wanna go ho-oome ho-oome
I wanna go home.

Gary Come Home

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