Swaycraft or Gleecraft is the craft bound to sway. Swaycraft is unlike swaylore in that swaylore is learning about the ownships of sway, din, and so on, whereas swaycraft is the wilful making and shaping of sway to throughtee a dreamly fremming. Like mealwork, bookcraft, leethcraft and such, swaycraft is a kind of tale or outthrutch/sainess (expression). Swaycraft puts forth thoughts in the shape of sway. Swaycraft is found among every known folk, although in quite unlike shapes. Like plays, swaycraft is a timish craft - that is, its unfolding happens through time rather than across roomspan like mealwork, timbercraft, and other roomish crafts.

Swaycraft can be sung by men and women, or sung and followed by the sways of tools, or it may be played only on tools with no mannish stems. It can be made with the inwill of listening to it, or dancing to it. Swaycraft can be makeshift, being made up on the spot; or it can be thoroughly thought out and written down beforehand. Once upon a time all swaycraft was played live by gleemen before the listeners and dancers, but nowadays swaycraft can be written into discs or even reckoners, and listeners can buy records or CDs, or download songs, without ever seeing their makers.

Ownships of SwaycraftEdit

All swaycraft shares some mean whichnesses:

  • Swin (melody)
  • Evenleether (harmony)
  • Beat (rhythm)
  • Weaving (texture)


Old tools of swaycraft make four groups: the strings, woodwinds, brasswinds, and hittings


  • Harp
  • Shieldharp (lyre)
  • Fiddle (violin)
  • Midfiddle (viola)
  • Kneefiddle (violoncello)
  • Lowfiddle (bass)
  • Drumharp (banjo)
  • Woodharp (lute)
  • Harpfiddle (guitar)
  • Harpfiddling (ukulele)
  • Sparkharpfiddle (electric guitar)
  • Midwoodharp (mandola)
  • Highwoodharp (mandolin)
  • Kneewoodharp (mandocello)
  • Lowwoodharp (mandobass)
  • Backwoodharp (oud)
  • Threestring (sitar)
  • Stringboard (zither)


  • Sidepipe (flute)
  • Highsidepipe (piccolo)
  • Highwood (oboe)
  • English horn (cor anglais)
  • Reedwood (clarinet)
  • Lowwood (bassoon)
  • Twifold lowwood (contrabassoon)
  • Reedhorn (saxophone)
  • Keybellow (accordion)
  • Bagpipes
  • Goslingpipe (ocarina)
  • Kazoo (kazoo) (onomatopeic)
  • Panpipes (Pan flute)
  • Sweetpipe (recorder)
  • Slidewhistle (slide whistle)


  • [Broad]horn ([French] horn)
  • High-horn (trumpet)
  • Orhorn (bugle)
  • Flugelhorn
  • Midhorn (tenor/alto horn)
  • Slidehorn (trombone)
  • Heavyhorn (baritone horn)
  • Truehorn (euphonium)
  • Lowhorn (tuba)
  • Shoulderhorn (sousaphone)
  • Hornling (cornet)
  • Loghorn (didgeridoo)
  • French harp (harmonica)
  • Swinhorn (melodica)


  • Beatharp, Keyer or Keyboard (pianoforte)
  • Keystring (clavichord)
  • Pipekeyer (organ)
  • Keybecken or Harpstring (harpsichord)
  • Hammerkeyer (fortepiano)
  • Sparkkeyboard (electronic keyboard)
  • Thumbbeatharp (kalimba/mbira)
  • Kettledrums (timpani)
  • Lowdrum (bass drum)
  • Middrums (tenor drums/toms)
  • Snare drum
  • Becken (cymbal)
  • Bellsplay (glockenspiel)
  • Highboards (xylophone)
  • Lowboards (marimba)
  • Louderbells (vibraphone)
  • Beckendrum (tambourine)
  • Threeside (triangle)
  • Joan Iland Middrums (conga)
  • Joan Iland Highdrums (bongo)
  • Chimes/pipebells
  • Woodrattle (maraca)
  • Loudemaker (noisemaker)


  • Liddenmaker (synthesizer)
  • Swailplayer (theremin)
  • Harpplay (harpejji)

Swaycraftish WritingEdit

(Musical notation)

Swaycraft Throughout the World / Kinds of SwaycraftEdit

  • Eversway (classical)
  • Songplay (opera)
  • Blues (blues)
  • Calypso (go-on)
  • Sparklingly (electronica)
  • Folk
  • Folkly (popular/pop)
  • Rock
  • Ragsong (reggae)
  • Forwardly (progressive)
  • Jazz (jazz)
  • Soulopening (psychedelic)

Noteworthy Songs Edit

  • Happy Birthday
  • Roolie Night (Silent Night)
  • Bohemish Sewnsong (Bohemian Rhapsody)
  • The Tweenlandish (The Internationale)
  • Seikilos Gravewrit (Seikilos Epitaph)
  • The Star-Spangled Fane (The Star-Spangled Banner)
  • Fifth Midloude (Fifth Symphony)
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