Saskatchewan (Mean English)
"Multis e Gentibus Vires"
"Strength from Many Folks"
Ethel Whitenorth
Revetown Queen
Biggest stead Berrytown
Inwonername Swiftstreamer
- Under-Highthane
- Firstthane
Russell Mirasty
Scott Moe (Swiftstream Mootband)
Landswathe 651,900 fourside thousandtals
- In full
- Huddlemete
1.86/fourside thousandtal

Swiftstream  (Mean EnglishSaskatchewan) is a grassland and farnorthweald greatshire in western Whitenorth, the lone greatshire without a quithenly border. It has a landswathe of 651,900 fourside-thousandtals (251,700 fourside-miles), nearly ten hundredths of which (59,366 fourside thousandtals (22,900 fourside miles)) is fresh water, made up mostly of eas, waterholds and the greatshire's 100,000 inland seas.  

Swiftstream is bordered on the west by Albertinesland, on the north by the Northwest Landdeals, on the east by Greatghostsland,  to the northeast by Ourland, and to the south by the O.R. rikes of Barrowland and North Friendland. As of the twithe wealthly-fourth, 2019, Swiftstream's befolking was guessed at 1,169,131. Indwellers mostly wone in the southern grassland half of the greatshire, while the northern, farnortherly half is mostly wealded and unhuddledly befolkered. Of the whole befolking, roughly half wone in the greatshire's biggest stead Berrytown, or the revetown of Queen. Other marked steads inhold First Albert, Great Elk Keefer, Everwickton, Swift Tide, and North Hildford. 

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