The Anglish Moot


Compounds: Meldings
Elements: Ormotes

Chemical Piths or Unblent Chemicals or Sheer Chemicals or Underlying chemicials

Chemical Series of the Periodic Table

metal bloom, orestuff
alkali metals limecleavers, ashblomen
alkaline earth metals ashmolds
lanthanides mickledrive ores
actinides kernel ores
transition metals blendmotes
post-transition metals soft motes
metalloids halfblomen
nonmetals unblomen
halogens oreblomen
noble gases athel lofts

The table

English Atom No Anglish Notes
Hydrogen 1 Watermote, Allmote, Lifemote, Waterstuff most widespread gas in the universe
Helium 2 Floatmote, Sunmote, Sunstuff used for hot air balloons
Lithium 3 Blockmote, Lightstone, Stonesilver used for batteries;  Lithium is the lightest stone
Beryllium 4 Blurmote -
Boron 5 Gearmote used for sports equipment
Carbon 6 Chark, Wortloft, Coalstuff calque; gas absorbed by plants
Nitrogen 7 Brawnmote, Chokestuff protein element
Oxygen 8 Breathmote, Sourstuff essential to humans
Fluorine 9 Blendmote reactive element used in alloys
Neon 10 Bookred used for red light in neons - <OE bocred
Sodium 11 Brine ore, Saltstuff found in salt
Magnesium 12 Soapstone ore, Epsomblom The metal in soap stone; based on origins of discovery in England
Aluminium 13 Claysilver, Bittersalt Dutch expression ‘het zilver in klei’. Calque.
Silicon 14 Sindle, Sandchark, Flintstuff I-mutation of "sand" + -le, The "carbon" in sand (Silicon Dioxide), Calque (from Romish silex: flintstone).
Phosphorus 15 Light-bearer Calque
Sulfur 16 Swevel, Brimstone English
Chlorine 17 Bleachlift, Greenling, Greenlift 1. Calque of High Icelandic bleikiloft; 2. and 3. Half-calque.
Argon 18 Idlelift, Idling, Lonelift Half-calques
Potassium 19 Potash, Pot ash English
Calcium 20 Limestuff English.
Scandium 21 Scandish Silver Anglicized
Titanium 22 Ettin ore Half-calque
Vanadium 23 Freyastuff, Freya ore English for "Vanadis"(Goddess)
Chromium 24 Shieldshine, Shinestone A metal known for its high lustre, half calques
Manganese 25 Lady lodestone, Glass-stone, Glass Makers' ore 1. Magnesium and manganese where from the same spot, but believed to have different genders. 2. and 3. For its note in glassmaking.
Iron 26 Iron English
Cobalt 27 Cobalt English
Nickel 28 Nickel English
Copper 29 Copper English
Zinc 30 Zinc, Spelter English
Gallium 31 French zinc Half-calque
Germanium 32 Dutch tin Half-calque
Arsenic 33 Cup-fiend, Bowl-sprite Medieval English
Selenium 34 Moon Stone, Moon ore Half-calque
Bromine 35 Stink water, Stinkstuff Half-calque
Krypton 36 Hiddenloft, Hidling Half-calques
Rubidium 37 Deepest Red, Red ore, Redstone Claques
Strontium 38 Red Silver, Strontian Stone/Ore Strontium salts emits red light when burned, after town of Strontian in Scotland (where the firststuff is found).
Yttrium 39 Outsilver, Outstone, Out Ore 'Ytter' is cognate to English 'outer/utter'; Lanthanum group element, period of silver
Zirconium 40 Goldbleesilver, Fake gold "goldblee" < OE goldbléoh "golden-hued," a calque of the original Persian زرگون zargun "gold-like"; half calque
Niobium 41 Columbus' Stone/Ore, Snowy Stone/Ore Columbium (other name), half-calque
Molybdenum 42 Lifesilver, Greek lead, leadlike ?, Molybdos means lead in Greek, calque
Technetium 43 Fake Silver, Manmade Silver Half-calque
Ruthenium 44 Ruthen, Rethenford's Stone/Ore Anglicised
Rhodium 45 Rose Silver, Rose stone/ore Half-calque
Palladium 46 New Silver, Maidenling English(early name), calque
Argentum 47 Silver English
Cadmium 48

Attersilver, Wednesiron, Kelmis Ore/Stone

<OE átor "poison;" Cadmium is highly poisonous, cf. High Icelandic eitursilfur; Cf. 'Wodan,' early Name in German (God Wodan, English Woden, as in Wednesday, Norse Odin). From calamine, after town of Kelmis is Belgium.
Indium 49 Brawling Silver, Hindish Stone/Ore This metal emit a high pitched cry when bent, Half-calque
Tin 50 Tin English
Stibium 51 Nibsalve O.E. nebsealf
Tellurium 52 Foldsilver, Earthstuff Calque (with "fold" <OE folde "earth, ground"), Calque
Iodine 53 woadstone <OE 'purple'
Xenon 54 Fremdloft/lift, Outloft/lift, oddloft/lift, Half-calques
C[a]esium 55 Sky stone/ore, Blue stone/ore Half-calque
Barium 56 Heavy earth, Heavy stone/ore From old Dutch ‘zwaaraarde-metaal’ (heavy-earth metal), half-calque
Lanthanum 57 Hush stone/ore, Lying stone/ore Half-calque
Cerium 58 Growling Ceres was the goddess of growing plants
Praseodymium 59 Green twin Half-calque
Neodynium 60 New twin Half-calque
Promethium 61 Forethought ore Prometheus means "forethought" in Greek
Samarium 62 Samarskite, Samarsky's Stone/Ore Anglicised
Europium 63 Eveland stone/ore Half-Calque
Gadolinium 64 Gadolin's Stone/Ore After finder Johan Gadolin
Terbium 65 Uttersilver, Utterstone, Utter Ore From Swedish town Ytterby: Outer/Utter town.
Dysprosium 66 Seldomstone, Seldom ore Half-calque
Holmium 67 Ilandstone, Iland ore Holm comes from Stockholm, and means iland.
Erbium 68 Utsilver, Utstone From Swedish town Ytterby: Outer/Utter town.
Thulium 69 Thulestone, Thule ore Anglicised
Ytterbium 70 Outersilver, Outerstone, Outer Ore From Swedish town Ytterby: Outer/Utter town.
Lutetium 71 Paris stone/ore, Mudling Lutatia is Romish for Paris, comes from ‘mud-hovels’, from ‘lutum’ (mud)
Hafnium 72 Copenhagenstone/ ore, Sellhaven Ore Copenhagen comes from Kjøbmandehavn, "selling man (merchant) harbor"
Tantalum 73 Gladstone/ Ore Tantalizing means pleasing, gladdening
Tungsten 74 Heavystone, Wolfsoot, Wolfream Calque of Swedish/Danish tungsten, Calque of High Dutch Wolfram
Rhenium 75 Runling, Rhinestone, Rhine ore Rhine comes from Middle High German Rin, from the Proto-Indo-European root *reie- ("to flow, run")
Osmium 76 Stink ore, stinkstone Half-calque
Iridium 77 Rainbowstone, Rainbow Gold/Ore Half-calque
Platinum 78 White Gold, Pinto Silver English, half-calque (of the full name platina del pinto).
Aurum 79 Gold English
Mercury 80 Quicksilver English
Thallium 81 Twigling, Twigstone, Twig ore Half calque
Plumbum 82 Lead English
Bismuth 83 Whitestone Half-calque
Polonium 84 Fieldling, Polishstone, Polish Ore Etymology of Poland eventually refers to "field"
Astatine 85 Dor, Unmaking Stone/Ore Initial, rejected name, from German for "do". Half-calque for "unstable"
Radon 86 Beamlift/loft, Shinelift/loft 1. Half-calque; 2. Calque of old name niton
Francium 87 Moldova, Frankstone/ ore, Frenchstone/ ore Anglicisation of early name: Moldavium. Calque. Calque
Radium 88 Glowing Stone/Ore From note as a glowing dye.
Actinium 89 Beaming Ore/Stone Half-calque, see that this has the same word root as Radium.
Thorium 90 Thunor Stone/Ore Anglicised
Protactium 91 Firstbeam Stone/ore Half-calque with actinium
Uranium 92 Tuestone, Pitchblend, Yellowcake, Ymirstuff

Tue is the closest Anglo-Saxon matching for Greek Uranus (c.f. Latin 'Deus' and Greek 'Theos').

2. and 3: Noted nowadays

Neptunium 93 Sealing, Seastone, Sea Ore, Aegirstuff Half-calque
Plutonium 94 Wealthstone, Wealth Ore, Helstuff Half calque
Americium 95 Americks Ore/Stone Calque
Curium 96 Curie's Ore/Stone Calque
Berkelium 97 Birch Ore Half-calque
Californium 98 Californish Ore/Stone
Einsteinium 99 Einstein's Ore/Stone ---
Fermium 100 Fermi's Ore/Stone ---
Mendelevium 101 Mendeleev's Ore/Stone ---
Nobelium 102 Nobel's Ore/Stone ---
Lawrencium 103 Lorel Ore Anglicised
Rutherfordium 104 Rutherford's Ore/Stone ---
Dubnium 105 Dubna Ore/Stone Anglicised
Seaborgium 106 Seaburg Ore/Stone Anglicised
Bohrium 107 Bohr's Ore/Stone
Hassium 108 Hessen Ore/Stone Anglicised from Latin
Meitnerium 109 Meitner's Ore/Stone
Darmstadium 110 Darmstadt Ore/Stone ---
Roentgenium 111 Roentgen's Ore/Stone ---
Copernicium 112 Kopernik's Stone
Nihonium 113 Japanstone/Ore, Dawnstone/Ore Nihon (Japan) means "Dawn land"
Flerovium 114 Flerov's Stone/Ore Calque
Moscovium 115 Moscowstone/Ore, Blackfordstone/Ore "Moscow" is taken from a word that means "black ford" or "black stream".
Livermorium 116 Livermore's Stone/Ore "Livermore" comes from "Laefer-Mere", the Old English root of the name "Livermore" .
Tennessine 117 Tennessestone/Ore "Tennesse" comes from "Tanasi", the Cherokee settlement from which it takes its name.
Oganesson 118 Oganesian's Loft/Lift Calque