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Phobia is an irrational fear -- So for example, a fangless spider is still feared by an arachnophobe.

I think we need something better. Inkstersco 8 Jan 06

I agree with you. That is, I agree we should list "outlandfear", as well as "outlandhate". However, we aren't just calqueing; we are bearing in mind the meaning. And whilst "xenophobia" can mean outlandfear (particularly, medically-speaking), the GENERAL common meaning is not fear, but rather hatred. I don't know a single person who, when talking about xenophobes or xenophobia, means to reference any irrational fear. Rather, they are talking of the hate that exists for outlanders. BryanAJParry 15:52, 8 Jan 2006 (UTC)
This is where Anglish is better than English. We can differentiate between those who 'fear' and those who 'hate' something else. Same goes for 'love', which is a mild term, and 'lust', which is sexual. The problem in meaning lies in English, not here. Oswax Scolere 20:03, 8 Jan 2006 (UTC)
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