I just discovered the Anglish Wikipedia, and think it's a mighty cool project. My historical interests lean more toward Irish than English history, so I thought that I'd try to create an article for Ireland. It ended up getting kind of long, which has created the wacky irony that, as of this moment, the Anglish article on Ireland is longer than the one on England itself! Go figure. I guess Anglish is full of surprises....

In the course of trying to write even the shallowest overview of Irish history, I found myself constantly running across Latinate proper and common nouns. I did my best to come up with Anglish equivalents for these. I came up with Anglish words for economics, Protestantism, United, and so forth. When a proper noun came from English, like Parliament, Catholic, Protestant, or United Kingdom, I felt free to change it to Lawmoot, Allish, Againstish, One Kingdom, or whatever. When it came from outside of English (that is to say from Irish Gaelic, in this article's case), I left it alone. I figured that Anglish is based in English, not Gaelic or French or German, so these other languages have no need to be Anglished when they appear in discussions of Ireland, France, or Germany. In other words, I feel comfortable translating Congress or Parliament into Lawmoot, but I'd leave Bundestag, Parlement, Dail, or whatever in their original non-English languages.

Anyway, I hope my contribution has been helpful, and I look forward to following the further progress of this project. Sorry for not writing this comment in Anglish, btw, but I wanted it to remain perspicuous even to neophytes.


Rinnenadtrosc 22:46, 21 July 2006 (UTC)

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