To be done: Find proper word for "Accusative Case"

About the wordings in Old Nordish: Old Nordish did not inhold the ö, but the ǫ. In Icelandish ǫ became ö. In Nordish, however, it became o. As byspell, fjǫrðr became fjörður in Icelandish, but fjord in Nordish.

About the accusative case (and the other cases): In Høgnorsk (Norway's Anglish) accusative is called underfall, is it doughtbefall to make a word like this? In Icelandish nominative is called nefnifall ("namefall") and in Høgnorsk nemnefall (about the same word). Why not have straightforward names? Something like...

Word Name Umspeech [Comment]
Case Fall Like Icelandish and Høgnorsk, namefall is a bit long
Nominative Namefall Like Icelandish and Høgnorsk (isn't it good to have like words in all the Teutonish tungs?)
Accusative underfall, thingfall, withstandfall or something Høgnorsk underfall (1), oversetting of "object case" (2), oversetting of Icelandish þolfall (see the truewordlore here) (3)
Dative Giverfall Like in the leaf, but with -fall ending
Genitive Holdingfall, ownerfall Like in the leaf (1), but with -fall ending, like Icelandish eignarfall and Høgnorsk eigefall (2) 00:02, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

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