the word politics

Some words needing overbringing

Here are some words that need to be overbrought:

vice suffer example numeber refer professor essay communist pamphlet letter

I really like this idea. What idea? The idea of listing words on the talkleaf that ought to be overbrought. Sometimes, tho, particularly for culture-specific type things, I think we all agree that there need not be any change. To whit, perhaps "Communust" is fine as it is. Anyway. Germanic English is "rime". However, "num(b)er" seems to suffice quite well in more-or-less all other Germanic languages.... Soem suggestions..... Professor might be "highteacher/loreman". "Essay" could be "wranglewrit" ["Writ" we are using for "article", for instance). "Pamphlet" is "leaflet", surely: the two words mean more-or-less the same thing, sorta. Letter is already listed (by me) in the wordbook as "errandwrit"; this was the word in OE. As in the alphabet, it is "bookstave" in the wordbook. Dunno about the rest. :) Bryan BryanAJParry 21:41, 24 April 2006 (UTC)
You're right, it is a good thought to list them here, so that we can see where and how the words are written.
Onto the words:
Vice could be replaced by 'sin' or 'flaw'.
Suffer, in this case, could be turned into a transitive verb, and thus given as '...vices which now wrack us'? Or something alike.
Example could simply become 'show' (as a noun).
Number, for me, is mostly 'deal', but here it is a verb, so instead 'reckon'.
Refer is maybe best here as 'come back', 'bring up' or 'speak anent'.
Professor, like Bryan, I would most likely give as 'loreman', though as a title, it could be 'The Learned'?
Essay could be 'writ' or 'writing'. Is there a need for a specific word?
Communist is far too hard right now to overbring. I settle with Bryan that it is best left.
The others I don't have any good thoughts on. Oswax Scolere 07:58, 25 April 2006 (UTC)
I hold with Osawx, 'communist" should stand as it is, and the insteadwords he has given are good. I am unsure anent "rikecraft" though.
The nowlike English word for old English rice is "rich", as such is akin to Teutish "Reich", Netherlandish "Rijk", and so on.
Further more, many many languages keep the greek word. See the end of this leaf for tongues that have a variation of "Politics"
And endly, rike/rice/reich/rijk is more akin to english "Empire, Riches, Realm", not politics. Perhaps we should stand with politics? 'Mootscraft' is another idea...User:Franz Jericho 00:59, 18 May 2007

My thoughts:

argument -> wisdom speech (This seems to be the hardest word to overbring without losing or sorely shifting meaning or thought)

preferring -> wanting over

process is reversible -> happening can be undone

specimens -> bit-takings

vices -> unwholenesses, unworthinesses (or -hood may be set in the where of -ness in the foregone words, to look more like other theodisch tunges, and in my feeling this is the next hardest word to overbring)

suffer -> feel wounded

examples -> thought-showing bit-takings, thoughty bit-takings

number -> many -ness, -hood, or -th (or meenyth, to have i-loudshifting)

refer -> bring forth in thought from, bring forth thoughty bit-takings (yes, too long and still overly broad in meaning!)


Change of Words?

Previous consensus was that Communist should be left, since it was found too hard to overbring. However since we now use Band of Workermootly Kithish Commonwealths for the Soviet Union how about "Workermootly" (His words and deeds were Workermootly.), "Workermootman/woman" ("S/he was a Communist", would change to "S/he was a Workermootman/woman"), "Workermoot" (For a specific Communist government, as in "Russland, was a Workermoot until...") and Workermootish (I.E, The Workermootish powers)?Outermost Toe 00:58, November 15, 2010 (UTC)