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Since this may be somewhat controversial I wanted to propse it here before adding it. The addition I'm proposing is "Neither however, does this mean that if, after fullaware manytalking (eng. clear discussion) that outland words must not be added to the Tongue. In rare times outland words may be added if the rike feel it to meal (eng. illustrate) a thought or strange-happening (eng. phenomenom) with great clarity". Sorry if it needs additional Anglishing. This is my first day here.Outermost Toe 09:40, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

Hey there. Let me give you some lore (advice): don't ask leave for your inputs. This wiki is truly forsaken; since I banded a few weeks ago I've been the only one who made a lot of leaves, although some other folks came now and then and gave some input. Instead, go ahead and change the leaf, writing in the "summary" bit if you need to tell thoroughly why you did it.
Also, (and this is only my own onbefealing (recommendation)), try to make your writings as understandly as you can, with few (eng ...)s. For show, instead of writing "feel it to meal (eng. illustrate) a thought", you can write "feel it to show a thought".
By the way, "add", "strange", "clarity", and "rare" are all Romish rooted words. But don't worry about this, when I began I always made such mistakes, and sometimes I still do. This is one of the good things about this wiki; the more you read and write it, the more you start to aknowledge which words are Romish and which are Theedish. Morgoth Bauglir 12:55, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

Hi, I'm at one with the thoughts shared by Morgoth. You need to start writing and benooting(using) books such as How We'd Talk If The English Had Won In 1066 and the online 'Old English Dictionary' these knowledge-springs or ords are great for working out theedish words. Hold in mind, that '' also gives a word-root for each input (near the bottom of a leaf when you scroll down) thus you can scruten(scrutinise)which words are befitting on this webside. Most of all, and to back what the others have said keep on striving!--Gallitrot 13:15, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

@Morgoth: Hey, you need to put 'onbefealing' into the wordbook, BTW where is the word orded(sourced) from? Looks swithly(extremely) like a dutch-rooted word? Or is it from Old English as well?

I'm glad you're back! I was beginning to think you gave up the wiki. "Onbefealing" is on the English-to-Anglish wordbook, under "recommend", but it says it is both from Old English and a calque of Low Dutch. I am bewildered. I will put it on the OE book.

Me fordwine from this webside? Nah, Im in it for the long haul. For me Anglish and Anewed English is a way of life and not only a onefold craze ;)) I truly want more folk to latch on to the witfulness of an aftbirthing of English's own might. Notwithstanding the likely arveths(difficulties) of Americklandly or British spelling ;) Gallitrot

Oh and I found a few more OE words for 'recommendation/ advice/ to be considered/consideration' which would give us 'toughting, forthoughting' (maybe 'bethoughting' as well)...anyhow, here's the link: put 'advice' into the seekline and it should bring the right wordleaf up. Gallitrot

Guys if you want a good hoard of OE words your choice has to be none other than Clark Hall's A Concise Anglo-saxon Dictionary, the best there is without a twee. And if you want a wordhoard of these Saxon words in now-time english spelling go to an unbelieveber tool for furthering anglish

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