Teia known by a few other names such as Teja, Theia, Thila and Thela, was the last Eastgotish king of Italy from July 552 after Totila's death to either October 552 or early 553. He was chosen as the new Eastgothish king after Totila met his end at the hild of Taginae in 552, he was raised over a shield and hailed as the new Eastgotish king. Teia was gathering his men and goods to fight a last hild against the East Romish hildwiser Narses, however Narses quickly took Rome and after that he marched to take Cumae. Teia could not let this happen and he marched his men as well to stop the takeover in late 552 or early 553, however Narses inbushed him at mons lactarius, and after a hard fought hild which lasted for 2 days, Teia was killed and beheaded. The Eastgoths yielded to Narse' sithreaden and most of them settled in today's southern Eastrike, while some stayed in Italy. Besides a few athelings that rose up against the East Romers Teia was the last of the Eastgoths.


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