Scorlorish evenwrits are often written on a blackboard.

Telcraft (scorelore or reckonlore) (English: Mathematics) is the lore of scorings, or the hilering of heedings such as score, room, shift, and forebuilding. Benjamin Peirce called it "the worldken that draws needed outwen".

Through foredeeming and wordlock mulling, scorelore arose from notching, reckoning, deeming, and the learning of sheathes and shapes.

Knowledge and brooking of ore-eld scorelore have always been an spanning and a needmickle lifetool, as can be witnessed from orshafts of Egypt, Bearithland (Mesopotamia), Indland, China and Frodland (Greece). Furthermore, the Ishango bone is more than 20 thousand years old.

There was a stepmeal unfolding until the H16th, when the first searful reckoners were built.

Today, scorelore is brooked throughout the world in many fields, inholing wendlore and wealthlore, often neeting new scoreloreish infinding and sometimes leads to the upcropping of whole new fields. Scorelorers are also bound to true scorelore, or scorelore for its own sake, without having any broader goal in mind, although besettings for what began as true scorelore are often found later.

Fadings[edit | edit source]

Among the leading offshoots of scorelore are shapelore, threenooklore, frotherer reckoning, and flowreckoning.

  • Shapelore (geometry) - An early shapeloreman was Euclid.
  • Threenooklore (trigonometry) - an early threenook reckonloreman was Pythagoras.
  • Frotherer reckoning (algebra) - is the lore of unknown worthings: x, y, z, and so forth.
  • Flowreckoning (calculus) - is the lore of things happening right now, and how fast, among other things. It was first made by Isaac Newton in England, and at the same time, but less well-known, by G.W. Leibniz on the Europish mainland.
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