Eng This article is intentionally written in English. Please do not translate it into Anglish.

Welcome to The Anglish Plan, the standardised, formalised plan of how the English reform will be executed. I have only just created this page, but we need to add the headers, etc, and begin writing down our plan of:

1. How we will reform English 2. What gets changed 3. Vocabulary/Wordstock 4. How we intend to get the support of institutions. 5. How standard English will be taught in schools, as both a home and additional language. 6. How dialects and variations in spellings, etc. will be controlled so they do not lead to ambiguities. 7. Etc, etc, etc.

The plan needs every single detail in it.

The document must drafted, finalised then signed in both English and Anglish and presented to the institutions.

Once the page begins work, this preface will be removed in favour of a proper preface to the plan. This page here is intentionally written in current English so please do not translate it to Anglish.

It will be as good as an official legal document.

Once we add a preface, I suggest we do it in both current English, and Anglish.

The whole entire formalised standardised plan needs a version in both Anglish and English, so we can gain the support of institutions, etc. All people will need to understand us. The English version so the important people, the English speaking folk as well as the important institutions can all understand us, and Anglish as basically a proof-of-concept, and for other reasons.

The rest of the standardisation plan, that is up to the whole community, not just me.

MýnÆnglishTáwk, I'm sure you'll be one of the first to read and comment, so let's begin the official reform of English for once and for all.

The whole Anglish Moot will be regarded as an organisation in this matter, should this document, long as it will be, published as a book or something.

To all the Anglish Moot, this is the only way. The final way; what we need to complete a centuries-long journey. The final plan. English is our tongue, and we stand for it, no matter what. Let us all unite, and create a better future for us and our Tongue! We will all go down in history as parts of the Radical English Reforms of the 21st Century, and for those before us, such as George Orwell.

This write up will stay here until the council talks begin.

For our tongue and our people, regardless of nationality, let's do this!

ShalinP (talk) 19:00, October 21, 2018 (UTC)

P.S. Somebody please archive this page somewhere safe. I don't expect credit, for we all did it, but I'd at least like my lovely message to all to be kept and cherished somewhere safe, and be known as the one that spearheaded the radical reform.

Documents Edit

  1. Long term roadmap and goals
  2. The final plan (Anglish)
  3. The final plan (Anglish)
  4. Guidelines for document creation
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