The Fasten (Mean English and Spanish: El Castillo) also known as the Algh of Kukulcan or Algh of Nord is a Midemmerickish stepfourflat that bestrides the middle of Spellwater Wellmouth delvelorelough in southern Moonsnavel. It was built by the Forecolumbish Mayish beshaving sometime between H9 and H12. The Fasten theened as a algh to the god Kukulcan, the Mayish Nord, who was seen as a feathered snake of close kin to the Astekish god Quetzalcoatl, the Astekish Nord. The fourflat is made up of a set of tiers with stairways up each of the four sides to the algh on top. Carveworks of feathered snakes run down the sides of the northern silerails. During the spring and fall evennights, the late afternoon sun strikes off the northwest corner of the fourflat and casts a set of thrinookly shadows against the northwest silerails, making it seem as if a feathered snake is crawling down the fourflat. This happening has been folkly though many befrain whether this comes about meaningfully. Each of the fourflats four sides have 91 steps which, when eked together and inholding the algh on top as the last "step" comes to a whole of 365 steps, which is the same rime as days in the Mayish Year. The building itself is 79 feet high, eking some more 20 feet for the algh. The fourside grounding is 181 feet through.

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