The Frith
La Paz (Spanish)
Chupi Yaku Marka (Aymar)
The Frith
Ethel Bolivarsland
Greatshire The Frith
Shire Peter Dominic Murillo
Revetung Spanish
Founded 1548

The Frith (SpanishLa Paz), reevely known as Our Lady of The Frith (SpanishNuestra Señora de La Paz) also known as Chupi Yaku or Chuquiago) in the Aymar tung, is the headstead of lawmaking and in truth revetown of the Manifolkly Rike of Bolivarsland (the revetown in lawbook is Sweethurst). With a guessed befolking of 789,541 in 2015, The Frith is the third most befolkered stead in Bolivarsland after Holy Rood of the Ridge and The Heights. 

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