IN LEEDSTEVEN, Afterlithe 4, 1776.


The onemood Matheling of the Selfdom of the thirteen foroned Ricks of Markland,

When in the flow of unfoldings, it becomes needed for one Folk to forend mothercake ties, and to onget among the right of the earth, the sunderly and even statheling to which the Lund Laws and of Lund's God thware them, a thewly onget to the wens of mankind ettles that they should mathel the frumes ording them towards selfrede.

We hold these truths to be selfcouth, that all men are born even, that they are bestowed by their Draughter with some unshendful Rights, that among these are Life, Freedom, and Bliss following.—That to mund these rights, Leedwards are astelled among Men, ording their rightful wiedings from the thwaring of the reded.—That whenever any Hue of Leedward becomes harmful to these ends, it is the Right of the Folk to awend or fordo it, and astell new Leedward, laying its groundwork on such groundlaws and stighting its mights in such hue, as to them shall seem most likely to berine their Munding and Eadiness. Glewness, indeed, will stave that Leedwards long aset should not be awended for light and henward Onlet; and all afanding has shown that mankind is more likely to thole, while evils are tholesome, than to right themselves by fordoing the metes to which they are brooked. But when a long row of shendings and wieldfangs, neasling onefoldly the same End swettles a forthsettenness to lessen them under unthewful Tharlreve, it is their right, it is their must, to throw off such Leedward, and to beheft new Wards for their forthward munding.--Such has been the thildy tholing of these Landhelds; and such is now the needmickleness which binds them to awend their former Ledeward Frameworks. The tidelog of the reding King of Great Bretland is a stare of edledged wounds and wieldfangings, all having in goal the statheling of an utter Tharlreve over these Ethels. To show this, let Deedsakes be yielded to a lutor world.

He has asaken his Tithe to Laws, the most needmickle and wholesome for the ledeful good.
He has forbidden his Revers to thware Laws of forthwith and thringing heft, unless upheld in their workdeed till his Tithe should be ongot; and when so upheld, he has utterly shunned theening them.
He has withheld to thware other Laws for the befitting of wide ledeshares, unless those lede would forlet the right of Rede Tokening, a right unhuyful to them and faining to tharlreves only.
He has called together lawmaking bodies at steads unwontly, unfrovering steads, and far from the netherlay of their folk Logs, onefoldly to drag them into thwaring with his metings.
He has sundered Tokening Houses edledgedly, for stalwartly withering his harryings on the rights of the folk.
He has withheld for a long time, after such endlaws, to the coring of others, whereby the Lawmaking Shafts, undowful of Fordoing, have edwended to the Folk at mickle for their outlead; the Redeship biding all the while open to all the threats of overrun from without, and handfasts within.
He has undertaken to hinder the befolking of these Folkdoms; for that sake hindering the Laws for Folkening of Outlanders; asaking to overtake others to hearten their movings hither, and raising the fettles of new Befittings of Lands.
He has hindered the Handling of Fairness, by asaking his Leave to Laws for building Deemhood mights.
He has made Deemers offhanging on his Will alone, for the hold of their works, and the muchness and fee of their earnings.
He has set up a manifold of Ambights, and sent hither swarms of Reves to smite our folk, and eat out their lund.
He has kept among us, in times of frith, Standing Heras without the thwaring of our lawmakers.
He has gotten a bead at to make the Landmight standalone of and better than the Rike power.
He has gatherbound with others to abow us to a fremdful lawwrit to ours, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his thwaring to their Deeds of would have been Forelaw:
For herning big bodies of weaponed heras among us:
For warding them, by a sham deeming, from strife for any Murders which they should lead out on the dwellers of these Folkhoods:
For cutting off our Trade with all deals of the world:
For saddling Gelds on us without our Leave:
For besheaing us in many meals, of the behooves of Deeming by Oathmen:
For ferrying us beyond Seas to be deemed for sham wrongdoings:
For fordoing the free Framework of English Laws in a neighbouring Land Shire, therein statheling a fallenly redeship, and mire widening so as to swithly make it busen and fit tool for inleading the same outright oversight into these Rikelings:
For taking away our Bestowing Deeds, fordoing our most worthsome Laws, and shifting underlyingly the Shape of our Redeships:
For hanging our own Lawmakers, and swearing themselves dowful to make law for us in all busens whatsoever.
He has forsworn Redeship here, by swearing us out of his Warding and swearing wye against us.
He has plundered our seas, wrecked our Shores, burnt our towns, and smitten the lives of our folk.
Nor have We been wanting in onget to our British brethren. We have warned them from time to time of cunnings by their lawledger to span an an uncouthful lawframe over us. We have edminded them of the umstallings of our outwandering and settling here. Wa have beseeched to their lawhood and blitheness and have queethed them to the ties of mean kindred to downcast these landbrilds, which would unmithefully breach our ties and talks. They too have been deaf to the reard of lawhood and kinblood. We must therefore, beget the need, which mathels our Shedding, and hold them, as we hold the laf of mankind, Foes in Hild, Friends in frith.
We therefore, the Tokeners of the B.F.A. in the Broad Highmoot, sammened, calling to the High Deemer of the world that our howings be forthled, do, in the Name, and by Thaving of the good Ledehood of these Landhelds, couthly mathel and outlay, That these fayed rikelings are, and of right ought to be free and selfreding lands; that they are swoteled of their hild toward the British kine, and that all moot ties between them and Great Briten, are and ought to be fully fordone; and that as free and selfreding lands, they have full dow to Wye, Frith, braid Bonds, stathel Trade, and of any other things of all other selfreding lands. And for this forthspell fultuming, with a sooth behedging on the munding of the holy Lord, we gathertangly swear to each other our Lives, Wellhaps and our Oreworth.  
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