The Sharedomish Swettling

A ghost is stalking Westernland – the ghost of sharedom. All the elderdoms of old Westernland have gone into a holy bond to halse this ghost: Holy Father and Overlord, Metternich and Guizot, Franklandish Thoroughgoingers, Theedishlandish law reeve keeks. Where is the mootishthede in againsthood that has not been fordeemed as sharedomish by its witherlings in sway? Where is the witherstanding that has not thrown back the branding upbraid of sharedom against the most forthgoing witherstanding mootishthedes, as well as against its backdeed foes?

Two things outfollow from this truth:

I. Sharedom is already acknowledged by all Westernlandish elderdoms to be itself an elderdom.
II. It is high time that sharedomishfolk should openly, in the face of the whole world, forthset their outlooks, their goals, their leanings, and meet this childyard tale of the Ghost of Sharedom with a swettling of the mootishthede itself.

To this end, the sharedomish folks from many kinds of rikes have gathered in London and outlined the following swettling, to be posted in the English, French, Theedish, Italish, Flemish and Danish tungs.

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