The Shathouse (Mean English: Al-Khazneh, Arabish: الخزنة) is one of the most overwrought alghs in the Arabish Natabeish Kingdom stead of Stonebury. Like the other buildings in the stead, the Shathouse was carved out from a sandstone cliffwall. It was built by the Nabateish in the times of the Romish Rich and so has a Greek-swayed framework. Its building began around H1 as a gravehouse and cruft. Its name as "Shathouse" comes from a folktale that theives or shaythmen hid their haul in a stone embren on the twithe tier. The building gained much of its bremeness after showing up in the folkly 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Roodfird, in which its foreside stood for the ingoing to the last restinglough of the Holy Cup.

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