The Worldwide Roomth Starship (WRS) is a starship (wonehood man-made moon) in low Earth pathbow. The WRS broadcast is a link work between five doing with roomth fellowships: Folkdom Skywards and Roomth Fellowship (Oned Rikes), Russland Rikes Fellowship for Roomth Business (Russland), Dawnland Skyroomth Pathfinder Fellowship (Dawnland), Evenlandish Roomth Fellowship (Evenland), and Settingland Roomth Fellowship (Settingland). The ownership and brook of the starship is begun by between leaderships fordraws and deals.

The WRS works as a smallweightiness and roomth setting seeking workhall in which crew fellows drive forseeks in lifelore, man lifelore, worldken, starlore, weatherlore, and other fields. The starship is suited for the testing of the setup and tools needed for tasks to the Moon and Tyr. The WRS maintains a pathbow with an middling height of 250 mi (400 km) by means of reboost handling broking the crafts of the Zvezda ship or guesting starship . It loops the Earth in roughly 92 shortlogs and fully 15.5 pathbows by day.

The starship is split into two blocks, the Russlandish Pathbow String(RPS), which is bedriven by Russland, and the Oned Rikes Pathbow String (ORPS), which is shared by many rikes. Russland Rikes Fellowship for Rooomth Bussiness has forthspoken the gone ahead works of WRS through 2024 but had beforehand forthput brooking eredusts of the Russlandish string to build a new Russlandish starship called OPSEK. As of Ereyule 2018, the starship is awaited to work until 2030.

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