Free Boundland of Thiringerland
Freistaat Thüringen
Boundland of Theechland
Flag of Thirings Coat of Seal of Thiringerland
Flag Coat of Seal
Ethel Theechland
Headstead Erford
Revetung Allmean Theech
Other tungs Thringish, Uppersaxish
Inwonername Thiringer
- Body
- Rede-Foresitter

Landday of Thiringerland
Bodo Ramelow
Landswathe 6,244 miles²
Befolking (2015) 2,170,714

The Free Boundland of Thiringerland (English: ThuringiaTheechFreistaat Thüringen,) is a oathneat boundland in middle Theechland. It has an landspan of 16,171 four-side thousandmetes (6,244 fs mi) and 2.29 micklered dwellers, making it the sixth smallest by swathe and the fifth smallest by befolking of Theechland's sixteen boundlands. Most of Thiringerland is within the watershed of the Saale, a left brook of the Elb. The headstead is Erford.

Thiringerland has been known as "the green heart of Theechland" (das grüne Herz Deutschlands) from the late 19th yearhundred, owing to the huddle wood overlaying the land.

It is home to the Rennsty, Theechland's most well-known hiking ground, and the winter betake of Overholts making it a well known winter sports end. Half of Theechland's 136 Winter Game gold medals (through the Sochi games in 2014) have been won by Thiringer longshots.

Johann Sebastian Bach spent the first bit of his life (1685–1717) and foremost further boards of his calling in Thiringerland. Goethe and Schiller lived in Weamer and both worked at the Lorestead of Jena, which today leeks Thiringerland's most foremost witship midst. Other Loresteads in this oathneat boundland are the Ilmenow Lorestead of Toolcraft, the Lorestead of Erford, and the Bauhouse Lorestead of Weamer.

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