Thitchy Theechland (Þedeſhiplychurltenth Arvethends' Gaðering T), or Theechish Rich or Gross Theechish Rich in full, is a bygone age of Theechland. Led by the Farer Adolf Hitler from Eastrich and his followers (Theechish: NSDAP), the Rich warred with richs from around the world from 1939 until 1945.

They killed a great many folks. Other than killings in war, many were killed in killing camps.

The road to war[edit | edit source]

In the early years, Theechland made Here, Liftweapon and the Krigsmeren of their Wearmight bigger and stronger, as they did not want to follow the binding of the so-called "Treaty of Versailles" back from 1919 - a result of the Great War, or the World War. Also, big new roads were made. Back then, Theechland was poor because of the bad livelihood of the folks. Therefore, arvethes were given to the folks.

Under the Rich's new laws, folks in Theechland are overall todealt into Aryans and Undermen. The Aryans, or the Hoarrace or the Hoarfolk, were the "Germanish" Theechish folks. The Undermen not just meant the Jews, but most of all the folks who were not racially Theechish. Why most? This was because some folks were todealt into Are-aryans (Theechish: Ehrenarier). For bizen, Japanish folk were seen by Hitler as "Aryans of the East", so all Japanish folk were Arearyans. Hitler also saw Iran as Aryan. Before Chin-Japanish War went bad, Theechland let Chinish folk into Theechish war schools. They even let the Chinish arveth in the Wearmight.

However, Hitler's gathering also hated any who dislike them, or seemed to dislike them. Among the "Undermen" in Theechland, Jews were seen as the foulest fiends, so they caught and killed a lot of Jews, but before the war, the Rich still did not want to kill them all, because they were still thinking about moving them all to Madagascar.

Hitler not only wanted Theechland to take what should be Theechish, but also the land to the east. He called these Livesroom for the Theechish folk. He wanted Theechland to take Russland endly, which was under the Band of Soviet Fellowship Ledewealths - a big evil to his eyes. Then, his dream of the "Gross Germanish Rich" would become true.

In the 1936, Rhineland was beset by Theechland's Wearmight. The Western powers let them. In 1938, Eastrich was taken over by the Rich (renamed Eastmarch/Ostmark in later years). Today we call it the Onslot. Then the Sudetenland of Czechslovakland, the rest of Czechslovakland and a bit of Lithowen.

In 1939, the Rich wanted Danzig and the old land from Poland. Poland said no, with the Oned Kingdom and Frankrich's backing. Thitchy Theechland then warred with the three richs. But, before this, Theechland made a pact with Soviet Russland, so after Theechland started marching into Poland, the Soviets did the same. Yet, the Oned Kingdom and Frankrich did not fight the Soviets at all.

The war years[edit | edit source]

The world was shocked by the war. Western Poland was taken by Theechland. For weird reasons, Theechland did not have big battles on the western borders until 1940.

In 1940, Theechland started the big battles. They marched into and took over Littleborough, the Netherlands and Belgland without asking. Then they marched into the Frankrich. The Frankish Maginot Line therefore became useless. Frankrich gave up when Theechland marched into Paris.

In these battles, Theechish mailed-campwagons (Panzerkampfwagen in Theechish, known in English as Panzers) became well-known. The way they were used to fight were known as the Bleachkrig. At the same time, Theechland kept the terms with the Soviets, while drawing up the Undernim Barbarossa.

In 1941, after taking Southslavland and Greekland with the help of other Axlemight richs, Theechland started the Undernim Barbarossa against the Soviet Russland. Stalin was shocked, as he did not trust the news brought to him by his fellows. The Theechish warriors almost took Moscow, but it was way too cold. After the Caserrich of Japan ambushed the Oned Rikes of America, Dutchland joined in the fight, so the war really became a world war. By this time, the Wearmight was all over the place.

In 1942, Shutstaple's folks met many big men in Wannsea. There, they made the Endliesan, and chose to kill all Jews within Theechland.

The end of the war[edit | edit source]

In the east, Theechland tried to take Leningarth, Stalingarth and the Caucasus. These all failed. And with the bad turnouts at the battle of Kursk, Theechland's power became not as mighty as before. Meanwhile, the Soviets started fighting back.

In 1943, the Wearmight backed down from North Highsunland.

In 1944, the Gathered Ethels' landed in Normandy, so Theechland was facing two fronts at the same time. Although the Wearmight had big, heavy Tiger mailed-campwagons, Storm Bird fighters and Foryieldingweapon-2 throwers, there were too many enemies.

In 1945, before the Gathered Ethels' could find Hitler's place, Hitler married Eva Braun. They then killed themselves. After Hitler was dead, the rich of Theechland gave up, so Japan became the Gathered Ethels' last foe. A lot of Hitler's followers were caught, tried, and hanged for what they had done. Only a few of those were not hanged, and even few of them lived until the late 80s.

Thitchy wones[edit | edit source]

In Thitchy Theechland, wones only done by Hitler's followers were spread to all of the Rich. Ways to hail below:

Sieg Heil (Sige hail)

Heil Hitler (Hail Hitler)

Heil Mein Führer (Hail my Farer)

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