- Land
Revetung Allmean Theech
Other tungs Low Saxish
Inwonername Thortmouther

- Lord Boroughreeve

Ullrich Sierau
Settled 882
Landswathe 108.3 miles²
- in Full
- Huddlemete


Thortmouth (Allmean Theech: Dortmund; Low Saxish: Düörpm; Old Saxish: Throtmanni) is a selfstanding stead in the Theech boundland of Northrine-Westfalls. It is also the biggest stead by befolking and landswathe in the Roor Dale. an townish land with some 5.1 twisand (2011) dwellers which is the biggest townish crowding in Theechland.

Settled around 882, Thortmouth became an Ricship Free Stead. Throughout the 13th to 14th yearhundreds, it was the "ringleader stead" of the Rine, Westfalls, the Netherlands Trindle of the Hanse Stead Bind. After the Thirty Years' Wye. the stead was shattered and waned in weighty until the onset of worksomeness. The stead then became one of Theechland's most outstanding coal, steel and beer hearts. Thortmouth thereby was one of the most heavily blasted steads in Theechland during World Wye II. The wrecking blasting raids of the 12th Rethmonth 1945 shattered 98% of buildings in the inner stead midst. This blasting raids with more than 1,110 loftcraft was a record to a one mark in World wye II.

The field has onwended since the downfall of its yearhundred long steel and coal bulkbuildships and shifted to high toolcraft lifehealth toolcraftsmall layouts toolcraft and also bestandings. In 2009, Thortmouth was branded as a Node city in the Newmaking Stead Scoring forlaid by 2thinknow. and is the most stayworth stead in Theechland.

Thortmouth is home to many couthship and learning bodies, inholding the Crafty Lorestead of Thortmouth and Thortmouth Lorestead of Beseeched Wisdoms and Crafts, Worldwide Learnhall of Troughship and other lorecraft, kithship and wike knowledges with over 49,000 learners, many loresteads, such as Lorestead Eastwall, Lorestead of Craft and Kithship YoreTheech Football Lorestead, as well as showhalls and song playhalls like the Koncerthaus or the Gleecraft House of Thortmouth. The Stead is known as Westfalls' "green mickleborough". Nearly half the meanth land be made up of waterways, woodland, farming and green rooms with roomly parrocks such as Westfallsparrock and Rombarrowparrock. This stands in a stark shedspan with nearly a hundred years of sweeping coal grooving and steel milling within the stead threshold.

Thortmouth is home to Ballspeelforone Borussland 09 e.V. Thortmouth, meanly known as Borussland Thortmouth, a syeful club in Theech football.

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