Flasknose Tumbler
Kingdom Deer (Animalia)


Wirebacks (Chordata)
Ilk Suckledeer (Mammalia)
Shift Evenhooves (Artiodactyla)
Undershift Whalbenttooth (Whippomorpha)
Nethershift Whalefish (Cetacea)
Kins Seatumblers (Delphinidae)
Emmerickslandtumblers (Iniidae)
Midrictumblers (Lipotidae)
Indlandtumblers (Platanistidae)
Brackishtumblers (Pontoporiidae)

Tumblers are the name of watersuckledeer within whalekin that tofally outholds whales and merswines.

Tumblers are sometimes hunted in lands like Dawnland, a deed known as tumbler drive hunting. Other than drive hunting, they are also threatened by byfanging, livinglough loss and seabefouling.

Tumblers are sometimes kept in haftedness and taught to do tricks. The most meanly kept tumbler erd is the Flasknose Tumbler, while there are also about 60 hafted swordwhales.

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