Zürich (Theech)
Züri (Allmenish)
Flag of Turick
- Nook
- Riding
Revetung Allmean Hightheech
Other Tungs Allmenish, French,
Italish, Romansh
Inwonername Turicker
- Overall

87.88 miles²
- Overall

Turick (Theech: Zürich; Allmenish: Züri) is the biggest stead in Switzerland and the headstead of the nook of Turick. It is lied in north-middle Switzerland at the northwestern tip of Lake Turick, The meanth has roughly 400,028 inwoners, the townish crowding 1.315 twisand and the Turick mickleboroughmoot landspan 1.83 twisand. Zürich is a hub for railways, roads, and loft wayburden. Both Turick Loftport and sporway standing are the biggest and busiest in the ethel.

Everlastingly settled for about 2000 years, Turick was builded by the Romers, who, in 15 BC, called it Turicum. However, early settlements have been settle dealmarking back more than 6400 years ago. Throughout the Middle Elds, Turick gained the free and gifted standing of ricdom forthwith and, in 1519, became a main kernel of the Gainsayer Straightening in Eveland under the leadership of Huldrych Zwingli.

The reeve tung of Turick is Theech, but the main spoken language is the stowly sundering of the Allmenish Switzer Theech byleid.

Many loresteads and craft hallways can be seen in the stead, including the Switzer Theed Lorestead and the Crafthouse. Showspielhouse Turick is one of the most outstanding showhalls in the Theech-speaking world.

Turick is a leading worldwide stead and among the world's biggest thrifting kernels although having a fairly small befolking. The stead is home to a big rime of thrifting bodies and piled up fellowships. Most of Switzerland's groundwork and growth hearts are crammed in Turick and the low yield speeds draw overseas fellowships to set up their headforths there.

One-eyed's 2012 "Kind of Life Beshow" rowed Turick first on a list of the top 25 steads in the world "to make a bottom within". By sundry beshows from 2006 to 2008, Turick was named the stead with the best kind of life in the world as well as the wealthiest stead in Eveland. The Wealthdom Keenness Fach's Worldwide Liveskill Rowing sees Turick standing among the top ten most liveworth steads in the world.

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